Running away to knit in February

I don’t think I blogged in February. I don’t think I did much of anything in February, to be honest. February sucks. It’s the worst month of the year. It seems like the longest, even though it’s the shortest. And this year, here in Vermont, it was worse than ever because there wasn’t much snow. Somehow deep winter is not as hard when I’m surrounded by deep snow. White, sparkly, light, bright, deep snow. But that wasn’t to be this year and we had an early mud season interspersed with freezing rain, freezing pipes, and slush.

So, what’s a girl to do? Run away to the a retreat with a bunch of other knitting designers and authors in the mountains of Vermont, where there actually was some snow on the ground. Yes, that’s what I did. It was a great way to end a long month of the doldrums and get ready to feel the energy of the coming spring.

Where were we? At the Seyon Lodge State Park in Groton, Vermont. This was a great location for me, because it’s just an hour drive from my house. And for those with longer drives, it was still a great location because it’s in the mountains of Vermont, just past a huge maple grove, and 9 miles down a dirt road from the main highway. We had the whole place to ourselves for the weekend, and we filled just about every corner with chocolate, wine, and yarn.


What did we do? We didn’t do anything! Well, we ate, we drank, we shared ideas, we played games, we sketched, we knit, and we relaxed. I even got some writing done. It was a retreat with no pre-planned agenda or events. Just a bunch of friends and colleagues hanging out and getting our energy renewed. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend at the end of a dreary month!

Who was there? An amazing bunch of designers (in no particular order). You really want to check out all of these designers. You’ll fill your queue and have enough ideas for knitting for the rest of your life!



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