How are you holding up? Two hurricanes on top of all the other BS we have to deal with from the Trump administration. But we’re strong and we will not give up. Right?

Here’s what happened…

We’re getting really close to the smoking gun on Trump and company colluding with Russia to hack our election.

Facebook has admitted to selling hundreds of thousands of ads to Russian bots and trolls who signed up as fake Americans to support Trump and attack Hillary Clinton.

Trump wimped out and got Jeff Sessions to make an announcement about cancelling DACA in six months. If this happens, 983 kids and young people will be deported every day. People who came to the USA as children with no choice, and who have lived there whole lives here and no nothing else. This is blatantly cruel racism and nothing else.

The whole cabinet is at Camp David for a meeting that is ostensibly about hurricane Irma. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Russian media announced that Trump and Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov had an unscheduled meeting at the White House. No USA press was present. Now Trump is denying the meeting ever happened. Don’t you find it interesting how the Russians put info out re this meeting between a sanctioned war criminal and Trump? Nothing on Trump’s calendar.

As always, Amy Siskind’s list will give you all the frightening details.

Here’s what you can do next…

Take action to defend DACA and DREAMERS today.

  • Visit for a handy tool to call/tweet at key members of Congress and urge them to pass the DREAM Act.
  • Visit to find a DACA-related action near you.

If your local paper is normalizing Trump, use this blurb by Amy Siskind to draft a letter to the editor on this topic: “Please stop normalizing Trump as an “independent.” An independent has a vision and stands. He does not. Trump was essentially installed in a coup by Russia, and he cares only about enriching himself and staying in power. We will never have a fair election again with him in power. Friends in the media – please step back and read the totality of the picture, not single events. Read my lists. Many of you are missing what is happening.”

Keep calling and faxing your reps. You can use Resistbot by texting RESIST to 50409. Here’s a list of topics you can contact them about:

  • Impeach Trump or remove him with the 25th amendment because he’s unfit to lead.
  • Defend DACA and pass bipartisan legislation to protect the Dreamers ASAP. Urge your reps to support the Dream Act of 2017, sponsored by Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. The bill number is S.1615 and it’s companion bill in the House is is H.R. 3440. As a bonus, you can also call the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee at (844) 241-1141 and urge them to cosponsor the bill.
  • Demand they pass legislation that restricts police purchases of surplus military hardware.
  • Tell them to take whatever action is necessary to protect our national monument areas!
  • Sign up for Daily Action Alerts so you know what to call your reps about day by day.

Follow Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin on Facebook for her daily videos and other updates. She’s terrific. Women are leading the resistance!

Find the closest protest protest this weekend, and go to it. Don’t forget your sign!

Get ready for massive resistance starting November 4th. Check out this page, spread the word, and make your plans! Contact your local Indivisible or other activist groups and find out what protests will be going on in your area. If none are scheduled, see how you can start one!

Keep your craftivism going, whether you’re crafting to make a statement or just to keep yourself calm and sane during this difficult time!

Crochet a Granny Square to Celebrate the Human Race: One Granny Square at a time—to demonstrate that We the People of the United States do not discriminate against any human based on skin color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin. Instructions are on the page.

Knit and wear an American flag DACA hat to support the Dreamers. The pattern is free and includes a tutorial on color dominance.
Or make this DACap: Dream on slouchy hat by nycraft craftivist and check out her other craftivist patterns on Ravelry, too.

Make a Welcome Blanket. You still have time! The deadline has been extended until November. There are instructions on the website and I’ll be putting the pattern for my blanket up on Ravelry this week.



One Response to Resistance Update 9/10/2017
  1. FYI Article in Washington Post Sat Sep 16, 2017: “Roger Stone says there would be an ‘insurrection’ if Trump were impeached. Is he right?” at

    He’s wrong! A WaPo survey shows that Trump opponents are much more passionate and motivated than Trump supporters. But we already knew that!

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