26 Aug 2017
It’s hard to believe how awful our country has become as I sit in my studio and look out the window at beautiful fields and mountains. But Donald Trump and his white-supremacist cohorts are tearing our country apart. We must continue to resist. We are at the point where we must push ourselves to resist as much and as hard as we possibly can.

What happened?

Here are the few things that struck me the most, possibly because they all happened just before I went to bed last night. As always, I point you to Amy Siskind for a complete list.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas as a category 4 storm. What caring words did Trump have for those in the path of the storm as he headed out for another vacation? “Good luck.” SO presidential! Even worse than his uncaring attitude, ICE and border patrol kept their checkpoints open during evacuation, likely preventing many undocumented people from getting to safety during the worst of the storm. There is no NO NO excuse for this kind of inhumane behavior.

While the hurricane was raging, Trump was hoping we weren’t paying attention and he signed a memo ordering the Pentagon to implement a transgender ban.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then pardoned the racist torturer and murderer Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Am I exaggerating? Nope. He locked prisoners outside in tents in 124 degree heat. He chained pregnant women to their beds. He kept the — mostly Latinx — prisoners in such bad conditions his jail was known as a concentration camp and overĀ 24 percent of the 157 who died in his jail committed suicide. Read this thread for more, if you can stomach it.

This pardon shows a) that Trump is directly and intentionally endorsing institutional racism and racial violence in America and b) he’s sending a signal to his peeps that he’ll pardon them if they get in trouble with the Russia investigation. This is grounds for impeachment. Write and call your reps immediately (more below). Oh, and in the middle of all this, the Nazi swine Gorka resigned saying that Trump wasn’t being MAGA (read Nazi) enough.

What you can do next

March from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Washington, DC — or part of the way — to confront white supremacy.

Start faxing your reps a copy of Amy Siskind’s list every week and demand that they remove Trump from office via impeachment or the 25th amendment.

Keep watching this blog or follow me on Facebook because I’m working on ideas for a Resist-A-Long soon!

Get a copy of Crafting the Resistance with my two new patterns the Black Lives Matter Hat (version 2) and my Resistance Ornaments. And check out last week’s list of new craftivist patterns.

Resistance Update 8/26/2017 1

Download my anti-racist posters (PDF), print them out, and hang them up all around town.

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