16 Jun 2017

Alas, we are still resisting through the horrible realities of the Trump regime.

What happened?

The GOP is trying to slam a secret TrumpCare bill through the Senate. You need to be calling your Senators every day about this. (See below.) About 23,000,000 Americans would lose coverage over the House version of the plan. Of course we have no clue what the Senate is working on because they won’t hold any hearings or release any information. Why hide it unless they know it sucks?

A GOP Senator got shot at baseball practice. Some GOP legislators shed tears over it. Do you think now, maybe, the GOP will show some interest in thinking about gun control? Probably not, since they haven’t shed any tears over the children or anyone else killed by gun violence. Many people want bipartisan support for the poor victims, but you know what? Boo-hoo. They are literally working to kill us by taking away our healthcare access, destroying the planet, poisoning the water, and in so many other ways, that I can’t find it in my heart to feel bad for them.

Trump is now officially under criminal investigation for obstruction of justice. Pence likely is as well, as he has hired a private lawyer. Maybe this fiasco will end before 2018? One can only hope.

Jeff Sessions testified and said, essentially, nothing.

These are only a few highlights. For a full recap, follow Amy Siskind’s Weekly List.

Resistance Update 6/16/17 1

What can you do next?

Call your Senators every day to stop TrumpCare! 202-224-3121. Here’s a guide with more info and scripts.

  • If you have Republican Senators: Call your Senators and demand public hearings for ACHA.
  • If you have Democrat Senators: Call and tell them to obstruct and raise holy hell abut the AHCA. Withhold consent and filibuster by amendment.

Knit for the Resistance. Remember: Craftivism alone is not enough. It’s a visible statement, which is terrific. However, there’s got to be more. Fascists aren’t afraid of hats (or shawls). But hats and shawls can inspire us to speak out in public, march, call our reps daily, and more. Knit and Act! We the people are the only ones who can save our democracy.

Resistance Update 6/16/17 2World of Difference by Jennifer LassondeThe name of this shawl is inspired by Leonard P Zakim and the beautiful suspension bridge that has since become an landmark in the Boston landscape. Lenny was a civil rights activist hired by the Anti-Defamation League as its New England Civil Rights Director and was the co-founder of A World of Difference Institute in 1986. As Mayor Tom Menino said “the dedication of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge will showcase the diversity and the unity of race, religion and personal background that exists in Boston today because of the work of community leaders like Lenny Zakim and because patriots fought long ago in Charlestown to make our country independent.”

Resistance Update 6/16/17 3Resistimus is a free double-knitting scarf pattern from Alasdair Post-Quinn. If you like it, please consider donating to your favorite STEM-related cause, or some other organization fighting against the policies of the Trump regime. This administration is doing its best to halt innovation and discredit science in this country, making us less globally competitive and less prepared for the reality of climate change, among other things.

Fortunately, RESISTIMUS (Latin: we are resisting)!

This Resist Beanie by Melina Martin Gingras is perfect for summer. It’s crocheted in cotton and nice and cooResistance Update 6/16/17 4l for marching and being a visible resistor you go about your day. Melina says, “Inspired by Donna Druchunas during discussions in a group of craftivists, the Resist Beanie is a simple crocheted hat with a filet crochet brim that spells out the word “resist”. With spring and summer fast approaching, the need for a lighter, cotton hat to support change has come up. Though it fits the average-sized head snugly, this hat is light, comfortable, and breathable, ideal for warmer weather. A portion of the proceeds from this pattern will be used to support local causes for the resistance, including small businesses that are mostly female-owned/operated.”

For more ideas, check out this Ravelry pattern search for “resist.”

Civics 101

How a Bill Becomes a Law by Lynnette Kopetsky

​In a very basic breakdown, here is how a bill becomes a law, although the process is a little different for each chamber:

  1. Legislation is introduced (any Congress member can introduce legislation)
  2. The bill goes to committee. It may be split into different pieces and be sent to several committees, depending on content.
  3. If the bill gets through committee (including hearings and subcommittees) it moves to the floor, where it is debated. It is then voted on, and if passes, moves to the other chamber. If either chamber fails to pass the bill it is considered dead. If the House and Senate pass different bills, it is sent to a conference committee.

  4. If a bill is sent to a conference committee, members of both houses work out the differences to come up with a compromise that is then submitted to each chamber in what is known as a conference report. This report must be approved by both the House and the Senate.
  5. The bill is then sent to the President. The President can sign it within 10 days and it becomes a law or not sign it and it becomes a law (if Congress is in Session. If Congress is not in session, the President can decide to not sign it and it does not become law (This is known as a Pocket Veto). The President can also veto the bill and send it back to Congress with his/her reasons.
  6. The chamber that originated the legislation can override the veto with a 2/3rds majority vote. It will then go to the other chamber for a 2/3rds vote. If the veto is overridden in both chambers, it becomes law.


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