06 May 2017

What happened?

A lot, as usual.

  1. Jordan Edwards, a 15-year old high school freshman was shot in the head and killed by a (now former) Texas police officer who has been charged with murder.
  2. The Russia story got deeper as a Russian-backed, alt-right group hacked the email of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, the main opponent of the fascist candidate, Marine Le Pen. Here in the USA, Sally Yates is set to testify on Monday, so get ready for some really awful tweets and bullshit from Trump and his Clown Club. And James Comey is still hedging about how he fucked up the election and tells the Senate that, yes, Russia is still interfering in American politics.
  3. TrumpCare–a disgusting, cruel, and discriminatory bill–got approved by Congress. Don’t panic. It’s not law yet. Learn more about how we can still win this one from the folks at Indivisible Guide.
  4. Amy Siskind’s weekly list is invaluable for tracking the slimy spread of authoritarianism and tyranny in the United States.

What can you do next?

  1. Resistance Update 5/6/17 1Read Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi. This is a command, not a suggestion!
  2. Call your Reps and go to town hall meetings this week! It’s “Payback Recess” week. Thank them if they voted “No” on TrumpCare. Harangue them if they voted “Yes.” Get more tips and ideas here.
  3. Call your senators and let them know that you are watching them and they’d better not vote for TrumpCare. Ask them why there are no women on the team putting together the Senate version of the bill.
  4. Give a few bucks to Indivisible Guide to help fund their campaign to stop TrumpCare.
  5. Get ready for the March for Truth on June 3rd, where we will hit the streets and demand the truth about Russia’s meddling in our elections and Putin’s influence on our illegitimate president.

Make a hat with one of these charts! You can get the basic pattern on Ravelry in my free Knitting as a Political Act ebook.

Resistance Update 5/6/17 2 Resistance Update 5/6/17 3

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  1. Especially good links this week. Thanks.

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