21 May 2017

What happened

It’s all about Russia. This was another crazy week in the alternate universe we woke up to on Nov 9, 2016. Here are a few low-lights (gleaned from the News and Guts page on Facebook, where it took a lot of scrolling to get all the way back to last weekend!):

What can you do next

Sign up for daily action alerts by text. Every weekday you get a reminder about what to call your Rep or Senators about. Sign up to fax you Reps by text with Resist Bot by texting resist to 50409.


Call your Senators at (844) 241-1141 and thank them if they listened to us and joined the call for a special prosecutor before last week’s announcement. If they didn’t, then call them up and tell them it’s a disappointment that they didn’t stand up for what was right when it mattered, and that you’ll remember their lack of courage when they’re next up for reelection.

We still need an independent investigation into the Russian interference in the election and the probably collusion of Trump or his team. Here’s what you can do.

If you want to discuss Russian history, culture, politics, food, and knitting, get onboard in Our Knitting Roots Book Club. We’re reading and talking about Russia through the end of July. I just put our June knitting project, the Orenburg in Oregon wrap, up for pre-order on Ravelry.

Resistance Update 5/21/17 2


In the middle of this, don’t forget that the Senate is now working on their version of Trumpcare. Also, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is due to release their report on the latest version of the House bill on Monday. This bill has not been sent to the Senate yet, so the House may have to vote on it again. Call and fax your Rep and Senators and tell them not to repeal the ACA. Indivisible Guide has a resource kit with more info.

This is a private letter Republicans sent to select stakeholders seeking comments on Trumpcare. Since you did not receive this letter, Republicans do NOT want you to submit your comments to HealthReform@finance.senate.gov by May 23. (Sorry the image is kindof small and blurry.)

Resistance Update 5/21/17 3

Civics 101

This is a new part of the resistance updates. Each post will include a mini civics lesson guest post.

How Does Impeachment work by Lynnette Kopetsky

Impeachment is the Constitutional process of removing a President, Vice President or other Civil Officers from office for the offenses of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” (U.S. Const. art. II, § 4). The House of Representatives has the sole power to bring charges (impeach), while the Senate holds the impeachment hearing(s). Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office—it is just the process of bringing charges. To date, only two U.S. Presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998; both stayed in office.

Sources and additional information:

Wanna craft about impeachment? Check out this awesome imPEACH knit hat pattern by Heidi Arjes.Resistance Update 5/21/17 4


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