23 Apr 2017

What happened?

Donald Trump didn’t get much of anything accomplished in his first 100 days of president, but the resistance has been strong! Here’s a great article about what the resistance has accomplished: Trump accomplished nothing in his first 100 days, but Democrats have been kicking ass.

Yesterday (April 22) was the March for Science and scientists and others around the world marched to protect society from ignorance. Just as in the Women’s March, knitting and crochet were superstars at this march!
You can wear a lot of the same hats next week at the People’s ClimCheck out more in the March for Science Knitting & Crafting Group on FB or check hashtag #projectthinkingcap on any social media. There are a lot of cool variations of my Resist hat in the Ravelry projects, too. The full alphabet is charted in Knitting as a Political Act.

Resistance Update 4/23/17 1

What you can do next

Learn more about totalitarianism and authoritarianism. We’ll be reading about Russia and the USSR in the Our Knitting Roots book club staring on May 1, and our project for June will be an Orenburg lace scarf/stole (you choice of width). It may not seem like Our Knitting Roots have much to do with fighting totalitarianism, but consider this quote from Why Arendt Matters: Revisiting “The Origins of Totalitarianism” by Roger Berkowitz

The modern condition of rootlessness is a foundational experience of totalitarianism; totalitarian movements succeed when they offer rootless people what they most crave: an ideologically consistent world aiming at grand narratives that give meaning to their lives. By consistently repeating a few key ideas, a manipulative leader provides a sense of rootedness grounded upon a coherent fiction that is “consistent, comprehensible, and predictable.

In addition, read:

Queue up your quick-dial list, get out your postcards, or sign up for ResistBot to send faxes by text message! The following bills have been introduced to Congress:

  1. HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
  2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
  3. HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education
  4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
  5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
  6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
  7. HR 785 National Right to Work (this one ends unions)
  8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
  9. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran

You can google any of these HR numbers to look up more info. Please copy/paste and share widely. Call your House Representative and ask them to not only vote “NO”…but to speak up for our rights, health & safety, and our beautiful country.

Get ready for the People’s Climate March on April 29thMany of the Science March hats will work for this march as well, and, of course, a Pussyhat or Resist Hat is appropriate for any protest.

I released my Black Lives Matter hat as a free single pattern on Ravelry. This one is great for the May Day Action marches and strikes on May 1st. The events support immigrants but if you ask me, the current attacks on immigrants are more about racism than nationalism. I haven’t heard of many Irish, Canadian, English, or Dutch immigrants in the USA being deported, have you?

Resistance Update 4/23/17 2

I, perhaps, have a weird life and a weird family. But I prefer to think of myself as quintessentially American. I have cousins who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, and White. When I was a teenager, our household included two mothers (one Black and one White) and four daughters (two Black and two White). We called ourselves Sisters A, B, C, and D based on our birth order. We played in the woods together and chanted together:

Ah Beep Beep
Walkin’ down the street
Black power.
White boy.
I said it. I meant it.
I’m here to represent it.
Soul sister number 9,
Sock it to me one more time.

I still struggle with having white privilege and not doing all I can to oppose the systemic racism in our society. Many people confuse racism with prejudice. Prejudice is a personal attitude toward a person of a  different ethnic background.

Systemic racism is “about the way racism is built into every level of our society. While few people today consider themselves racist, racism itself persists in our schools, offices, court system, police departments, and elsewhere.”

I made and wear this hat to support my sisters and cousins. Let’s all work together to make a better world.


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