14 Apr 2017

What happened

I taught at the Madison Knitter’s Guild and we talked about Our Knitting Roots, tracing our family history through knitting, and the connections and community that we can create by learning about knitting from around the world. This is my great grandmother’s sister from Lithuania, and some traditional patterns on  weaving and knitting that match the tablecloth in this wedding photo.

Resistance Update 4/14/17 1

The Russia story keeps getting deeper and deeper as more hard evidence that Trump’s associates and team colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election is revealed every day. Don’t stop following this. It’s the most important story out there, and it will ultimately bring down this regime and put some crooked Republicans behind bars. (Yes, I do believe that.)

And some things to distract us from the Russian collusion investigation and story:

Bombs. Yep, Trump dropped 59 Tomahawk Missiles on an airfield on Syria, and a MOAB, the biggest bomb except for a nuclear weapon, on Afghanistan. Without any consultation with Congress. And without any explicit goals or strategies. And he’s trying to intimidate North Korea with the threat of a pre-emptive nuclear strike. This man is out of control and a clear and present danger to us and to everyone on our planet.

Defunding healthcare. Yep, while distracting us with bombing, Trump signed a bill to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood. The GOP is making an excuse that this was to stop funding abortion, but federal funds were not paying for abortions. They have defunded cancer screenings, family planning, and other critical healthcare services for low income women around the country.

Golf and cake. That’s what is on Trump’s mind. Very regal of him, don’t you think? Just a little bit like Marie Antoinette. Yep, while at Mar-A-Lago meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping for a remedial history lesson, Trump told him about the strike on Syria as a side note while bragging about the delicious chocolate cake served at his resort. (The resort, by the way, which recently was cited with 13 health violations.)

What you can do next

Call, fax, and go to town halls this week with your reps. They don’t go back to DC until the 25th. If you’re not signed up for Daily Action and/or the Resist Bot, they’re both great text message services that make it easy for you to make a daily call or send a daily fax about what’s timely and important. Here’s another list of many different resistance groups and organizations you can check out. If you haven’t found one yet, this is a good place to start.

Donate to Planned Parenthood.

Learn more. We’ll be talking and reading about Russia in the Our Knitting Roots book club next month, plus knitting an Orenburg lace scarf or stole.


If you don’t have a pussyhat to wear, throw one together using a tax form and some pink paper. What a great idea from Pink Persistence (@pinkpersist on Twitter and @pinkpersistenceny on Instagram).

Resistance Update 4/14/17 2

There’s still time to knit more hats for the science and immigrant marches. You can use my free Resist hat pattern in Knitting as a Political Act to knit any message with the full alphabet chart that’s included. I also have a DNA On My Mind hat for the March for Science. And here’s a whole list of cool hat ideas for the Science March and the People’s Climate March. I especially love this Elven Leave Pussyhat by Lynne Vogel.

Resistance Update 4/14/17 3



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