27 Mar 2017

What Happened

Trumpcare failedThis is a big one. We WON, and it’s because of all of your hard work making calls, going to town meetings, and being LOUD! Thank you.

Of course that doesn’t mean we’re on easy street now. But it shows that our activism really does make a difference.

What You Can Do Next

Russia, Russia, Russia! Call, fax, write, and tweet your reps about this. We need an independent investigation. The GOP cannot be trusted to lead the way and fairly investigate this issue, when so many of them are likely under investigation. It also seems that they have forgotten that they owe their allegiance to the American people and the Constitution, not to the President. Here’s a good page with scripts and a list of what to do.

And while the so-called president is under investigation by the FBI, we cannot allow his Supreme Court nominee to be confirmed. Here’s info from Indivisible Guide on what to say when you contact your Senators.

Get ready for April’s marches and keep knitting those green science hats. There are two big opportunities to wear them. If you’re not going to DC, look for your closest event and get out there.

  1. April 22: March for Science, Earth Day
  2. April 29: The People’s Climate March

My DNA On My Mind hat is one option , as is my Resist hat, with the scientific Resistor symbol on it (although my samples are not green). There are lots of other options. And my free Knitting as a Political Act ebook has a whole alphabet so you can make up your own message, too. Here’s an awesome version by floatingdoc on Ravelry:

And when you need a break from knitting for science, make some calls for science and tell your Congressional Rep that you do not want them to support HR1430 and HR1431, which are both designed to take power away from the EPA.

  • H. R. 1431 The Science Advisory Board bill is a transparent attempt to slow down the regulatory process and stack science review boards with industry representatives.
  • H. R. 1430, named the “Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act of 2017” or HONEST act. Lamar Smith’s (R-TX) bill is designed to “undermine the science that EPA can use in their work, and ultimately, make it easier to pollute in our country.”

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