13 May 2017

What happened?

There are two major issues I want to point out this week:



I give you this insightful commentary from Dan Rather’s Facebook page:

I have lived through nearly 4,500 weeks in my life, and I have never seen a week like the one we just had.

I have seen weeks of far greater darkness, of war, and death, and economic despair. I have seen weeks of more confusion and uncertainty. But I have never seen a week where a president of our nation has behaved with such a cavalier disregard for the norms and institutions of our democracy. And it now seems like the investigation is expanding into Trump’s business dealings. The comparisons with Richard Nixon are plentiful these days, but even he did not seem so untethered from our basic governance. And I have never seen so many members of a political party rally around incompetence, intemperance, and inanity.

The threats, the lies, the willful disregard for the rule of law should be limited to the world of Hollywood caricature. To see this played out each night on the news, to read about ramblings and inconsistencies in justifications for actions that should never have been taken, is to see a moment of great peril for our nation.

I remain, however, an optimist. I see the swellings of civic engagement and action. I hear the voices of those who demand that this subversion of our national ideals shall not stand. I have covered social movement of the past, and never have seen one where so much power and numbers lie on the side of the opposition. This is a clash for the values of our nation. Our destiny is in our hands.

What can you do next?

Call in and demand an independent investigation or special prosecutor re the Comey firing/Russia. Call the whole list, then start over and call again. (Links to google doc with contacts and more info.)

Call 844.241.1141, ask for the Senate Intelligence Committee, and demand they call for a special prosecutor.

Sign this petition from the ACLU to demand a special prosecutor. And this one from Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy.

Start making a plan for how YOU can help stop voter suppression (the link is old but there’s still a ton of good info there). The Washington Post had yet another article about why Trump won. I agree with Rebecca Solnit‘s reaction:

They forgot to mention voter suppression, intimidation, harrassment, discouragement via microtargeting by Cambridge Analytica, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, etc. “As you can see, the national average hides dramatic differences among states. For example, as we’ve said, the African American turnout rate fell by 4.7 points nationally. But in Michigan and Wisconsin — two key Midwestern states where, to analysts’ surprise, Trump won — black turnout fell by more than 12 points.” As I’ve been arguing since the election, it took an extraordinary combination of unsavory events, including foreign intervention, misogyny and the racism behind disenfranchisement, to get us to Trump.

Put a Sean Spicer cutout in the bushes at your house or somewhere in town.

Resistance Update 5/13/17 1

Make a truth headband to wear at the June 3 March for Truth. Here’s a chart you can use.

Resistance Update 5/13/17 2

If you haven’t already gotten a copy, go order Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi. Learn some fascinating American history, ways to be actively anti-racist, and how to identify some racists ideas you are probably holding and promoting without even realizing it. Beautifully written, engaging, and thought provoking. I’ll definitely be reading this again and anxiously awaiting more from this author.

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