11 Mar 2017

What happened?

Resistance Update 3/11/17 1Every day is a new shitstorm of news and lies. Remember, this is not normal. (It’s also not necessarily brand new.)

I’m going to skip gathering up stories this week. Make sure you are following at least one of these sources:

Subscribe to a reputable news paper to support the free press:

What you can do?

Spread real news. Make sure people know what is really happening.

Team up with Indivisible Guide or ACLU’s People Power for regular updates and suggested action items, as well as local activities.

Resistance Update 3/11/17 2
Sign up for quick daily action updates via text, and commit to making at least 1 phone call and sending one fax or post card a day.

Get ready for April protests. There are three and we need to get to all of them. Don’t just pick one. March in your own town if you can’t get to a big city.

Read up on activism and radicalism. I’m reading March by John Lewis by  and Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism by Alain Brossat and Sylvie Klingberg.

Resistance Update 3/11/17 4

Make your own action plan for the rest of the year:

  • Make calls daily
  • Share on social media daily
  • Write letters weekly
  • Attend meetups monthly
  • March in protests as often as possible
  • Get involved in local politics
  • What other ideas can you come up with?

And, make sure you have fun with your activism. If you’re not having any fun, you’ll burn out.

Resistance Update 3/11/17 5Next week, watch out for my Spring Pussyhat pattern on Ravelry! It’s fingering weight, and has a fold-up ribbed brim so you can get it off your ears when the weather is warmer. I’m getting a cotton sample test knit this weekend.


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2 Responses to Resistance Update 3/11/17
  1. I’m so weary, that I can hardly keep up with the daily calls. Mainly, I feel that it’s not doing any good. I seem to be signing endless petitions, but does that do any good? I don’t hear the news reporting that x amount of people have signed this or that petition and it has had an affect on congress, or the house. It’s just a bunch of good old boys that are protecting their jobs. They don’t seem to have a moral backbone. However, I will continue, and hope that when the midterms come around we can get some new honest people who will not allow the corruption to continue. I definitely feel I have burnout, but I don’t want to give up!!!

    • Hi Catherine,

      Don’t wear yourself out. If you can make one call a day and send one fax or postcard a few times a week, that’s definitely worth your effort. If you need a break, take one. We’re all in this together so think of it like a relay race. You get time off, someone else runs that lap.

      Petitions, I don’t know if they really are useful. I sign a few that seem to be from important sources now and then but I think unless someone is going to carry a box of papers into a meeting or something, they’re less effective than other forms of communication.

      We are stuck with this administration (regime) for the time being. I still have my fingers crossed for impeachment of Don the Con, but then we still have the GOP in power at least until 2018 midterms, and possibly until 2020. We must continue to protest as much as we can — again in shifts — and also get organized for the coming elections.

      I personally think most people in the USA, even most Trump supporters (except for the true fascists and white-supremacists) believe more in what Bernie has to say and actually support most progressive/liberal policies if they can be discussed in a non-threatening way that does not mention the words liberal, progressive, or Democrat. How to turn that into votes against the GOP is another issue. We aren’t trying to convince hard cover Trumpists to change. We can talk to people who are wishy washy on issues or, better yet, get people who are supportive of liberal policies out to vote. If more people vote, more liberals win.

      We also need to break the cheating power of the GOP’s gerrymandering and voter suppression. That’s going to be hard while they are in control.

      You know, sometimes the world sucks and goes in the wrong direction. Alas, we are no in one of those times. How far will it go? We can’t tell, but we have to do our damnedest to turn the tides or else how can we live with ourselves?

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