03 Feb 2017

Here’s a look at what happened this week and what new knitting activism you can sign up for moving forward.

What Happened

Keep it up! Our resistance is not futile. We are America and we believe in the true American values of Liberty and Justice for All. This week we had some defeats but we also had some wins. I think we need to take a moment to celebrate the first wins of our resistance. And then dive back in and keep it going and growing.

Boycotts like the #GrabYourWallet campaign can have a big impact. Nordstrom has dumped Ivana Trump’s merchandise and after 6 days of the #DeleteUber resistance, Uber CEO  Travis Kalanick stepped down from Trump’s economic advisory council and the company has set aside $3 million for a legal-defense fund to support [immigrant] drivers, offering help with translation services and round-the-clock telephone access to legal aid.

Thanks to the Sleeping Giants campaign, 818 companies–including Craftsy–have stopped advertising with Breitbart and “campaigners are confident the backlash is snowballing.”

Calling, Faxing, and Visiting your Reps also makes a difference. The last three days have been “the busiest in capitol switchboard history. By almost double“. This week our constant harassing of our reps didn’t get us everything we want, but it did get us these things:

Resistance is taking all kinds of shapes, big and little.  Spotted on Facebook: “Someone fixed one NY State sign. Now, all of you: Go fix every other sign in America.” (If you don’t get it, see this video by Jon Stewart.)

Resistance Update 2/3/17 1

And… Lithuania made this fantastic video. (The intro subtitles if you don’t speak Lithuanian.)


What You Can Do Next

Resistance Update 2/3/17 2Keep Knitting and Wearing Pussyhats. The resistance is just beginning. By wearing your pussyhat around town, you can start conversations, find like-minded people, and make the resistance visible. In fact the Pussyhat Project is asking for more hats because they keep getting requests. Check out their site for more resources and contact info.

Keep Resisting. If you haven’t checked out The Indivisible Guide yet, what are you waiting for? This is the guide for the resistance. Get it. Read it. Share it. And join a group.

Sign up for my Our Knitting Roots Book Club and learn about people, history, and culture from around the world. Every two months, we will read book I love about an interesting place in the world and knit a related project. In February, we’ll read “House of Stone” by Anthony Shadid and knit Middle Eastern toe-up socks. Did you know that our knitting ancestors are from the Middle East? They invented this fabulous craft that we love so much. You can’t embrace the craft without embracing the human beings that created it. Let your knitting be a tool for spreading love and acceptance. Knit in public. Speak out for justice. Tell people the stories that go with each project you knit.

(If you want to work on your knitting roots with me in person, check out my spring retreat.)

Resistance Update 2/3/17 3Check out the General Strike set for February 17. Do you think we can make this happen?

Get some of my Resistance Fabric from Spoonflower and make some bags or clothes for when the weather gets warmer.

Don’t stop paying attention to these things, the sneaky devils will probably try to come at the same issues again and distract us with stupid tweets from The Orange One. If you can’t get through on the phone, here’s a free fax service with direct links to fax your senators and congressional reps.

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  1. Donna, can you send me a flyer for your knitting roots book club? I’d love to make it available to folks at K200Tog.

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