25 Feb 2017

What Happened?

The good:

Pussyhats are everywhere, most excitingly to me, on the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Missoni staged a mini Women’s march. All of the models wore pussyhats in their final parade. And everyone in the audience was given a pussyhat, and they stormed the runway wearing them at the end of the show.

Resistance Update 2/25/17 1

(If you like this, check out my new Catwalk Pussyhat pattern in fingering weight on Ravelry.)

And, some Republicans are starting to freak out about how off-base the current regime is. News and Guts on Facebook posted this comment from a reader. (If you’re on FB and you’re not following them, you should be!)

Resistance Update 2/25/17 2

The bad:

What Can You Do Next?

Resistance Update 2/25/17 3

I also made a Catwalk Pussyhat pattern.

Resistance Update 2/25/17 4

Are you all with me? 

And don’t forget to call your reps every day. Do you have them on speed dial yet?

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  1. Thanks for your work rounding up the week and reminding us what we should do (or CONTINUE doing!).

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