Resistance Update 2/25/17

What Happened?

The good:

Pussyhats are everywhere, most excitingly to me, on the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Missoni staged a mini Women’s march. All of the models wore pussyhats in their final parade. And everyone in the audience was given a pussyhat, and they stormed the runway wearing them at the end of the show.

Resistance Update 2/25/17 1

(If you like this, check out my new Catwalk Pussyhat pattern in fingering weight on Ravelry.)

And, some Republicans are starting to freak out about how off-base the current regime is. News and Guts on Facebook posted this comment from a reader. (If you’re on FB and you’re not following them, you should be!)

Resistance Update 2/25/17 2

The bad:

What Can You Do Next?

Resistance Update 2/25/17 3

I also made a Catwalk Pussyhat pattern.

Resistance Update 2/25/17 4

Are you all with me? 

And don’t forget to call your reps every day. Do you have them on speed dial yet?

Subversive Knitting
  1. Thanks for your work rounding up the week and reminding us what we should do (or CONTINUE doing!).

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