22 Dec 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? I can’t believe how fast it went and at the same time how long it dragged on. I’m glad it’s over but I don’t want my life to speed by so quickly that I miss it. In 2018 I will be much more conscious of living in the moment and savoring the beautiful parts of life.

Resistance Update 12/21/2017 1

As we wrap up the year, I was planning to write a look back at the resistance in 2017 with ideas of where to go in 2018. But Teen Vogue beat me to it, and I can’t beat this perfect article.

2017 Was the Year We Fought for Democracy — Now What? A year-end retrospective by Thigh High Politics columnist Lauren Duca.

This rise in action — the calls, the demonstrations, the voting, and the running for office — it can’t just be a thing we tried that time we all got too angry. It can’t end with burning out. It has to be a new way of living, a complete paradigm shift in the core requirements of citizenry. Plan to break. Plan to put yourself back together again. Staying informed and committing to acting on that foundation of information in this climate can be infuriating, and heartbreaking, and exhausting. Bolster yourself in the righteousness of your will to stick with it and keep going. We’re all too angry, but nothing will change if we don’t find a way to convert that energy into action. The future of democracy depends on it.

People to Follow

I don’t know if I’ll be continuing my regular resistance update blog posts next year. I’m going to have two new series for 2018: My Parents are Moving In, a journal of the interesting and funny experiences I have with both of my parents (who have been divorced for 45 years) end up living in the same house here in rural Vermont, and My Knitting Life, following as I try to finish all the personal WIPs that are taking up space in my house.

Resistance for me has become a daily habit, like brushing my teeth. But having it in the forefront of my brain all the time is not sustainable for me. So if you need regular updates, make sure you’re following at least one of these sources:

  • Daily Action sends you a text every day with info for you to call or write your representatives about. It’s an easy way to make a daily resistance habit.
  • Amy Siskind, as usual, is the go-to source for the weekly list of the shit the Trump regime is up to. It’s all here on her new website. And she posts daily updates on Facebook.
  • Robert Reich is another place to keep up to date, with a specific focus on the economy, but he’s also got his eye on the spreading tyranny we are facing in America. It’s all related. He posts on Facebook and his Resistance Report videos are also an iTunes Podcast.
  • If you don’t follow Teen Vogue, you’re missing a lot of great writing. I mean, whoda thunk it, but they’ve really stepped up. Their Twitter feed seems to be the best place to scan headlines for the juicy stuff.

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