03 Nov 2017

What happened?

Puerto Rico still doesn’t have all the help it needs, and most people are still without power.

Trump is in Asia where he’s being an ass and meeting with his puppet-master, Putin. On his way, he was met by creative resisters in Hawaii with signs saying, “Welcome to Kenya.”

Resistance Update 11/4/17 1

It all happens so quickly, by the time I get to write these blog posts, sometimes I don’t even remember what happened. That’s why Amy Siskind’s list is so important! She has a brand new website to make it easier to read and review what’s happening. Robert Reich says,

The Weekly List reminds us Trump is not normal, and he’s imposing incalculable harm on America. Not only must he be resisted, but we must never again allow our democracy to be imperiled by a demagogue.

What resisting should I focus on?

November 7 is election day in most states. Go vote! Get your friends out, too. Find out how you can be part of flipping more states blue.
Resistance Update 11/4/17 2
Ok here’s the skinny on what else we all should be doing right now:

  • Yes Mueller is still going strong and there will be lots of indictments and news coming up regularly. Trump will probably resign or be impeached and many others will go down with him. (Over 40 people were indicted, charged, and convicted in Watergate. The president and veep were both removed.)
  • BUT don’t be doing a happy dance in advance. The USA is still under threat of becoming an autocracy under dictator Trump. Keep reading and sharing Timothy Snyder’s book On Tyranny and following Amy Siskind’s weekly list. But, also, don’t get bogged down in panic.
  • Protest and march every chance you get about a) the issues you care most about and b) general protest against Trump, autocracy, and fascism.
  • DON’T get caught up in fighting or arguing about any topic that is not directly related to getting the fascists out of power, beginning with removing Trump. Any of that shit can be handled later. If we don’t get rid of the fascists, none of that will matter anyway.

What craftivism projects can we do next?

Resistance Update 11/4/17 3Project Peace is back for 2017! Knit along with Christina Campbell and thousands of other knitters in a project that works to bring peace to the world and to our lives. Download this PDF for basic info. Follow The Healthy Knitter for updates on her blog, Ravelry, or Instagram for updates.


Resistance Update 11/4/17 4Make an ImPeach Hat to wear this fall and remind your friends of all of Trump’s impeachable offenses.


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