03 Jan 2018

Blue Wave 2018

It’s January 3rd and Donald Drumpf is off the golf course and back on Twitter, being completely authoritarian, unAmerican, nasty, undemocratic, and insane. He’s comparing nuclear strike button sizes with his nemesis in North Korea. We have to get rid of him. Yesterday I contacted my reps to encourage them to do so via impeachment or the 25th amendment.

I also uploaded this new free pattern, Blue Wave 2018, to Ravelry:

Resistance Update 1/3/2018 1

It’s time to take back our country and restore the true American values of Liberty and Justice for All. 2018 is all about getting out the vote and washing over America with a blue tsunami. 

Check out these sites for ways you can help:

  1. The Sister District Project: If you live in a blue state or district, you can help elect Democrats in red districts near where you live.
  2. Swing Left: Helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018.
  3. Postcards to Voters: Write and send postcards to voters in dozens of key, close elections.
  4. Indivisible: Has local groups in every district and holds call and text banking sessions to help get out the vote. You can work locally or in districts in other regions and states.

Blue Wave 2018 is trending on Ravelry’s What’s Hot page. Please ? it, queue it, download it and let’s see if we can get to #1! And then make one or more and get out the vote!

Resistance Update 1/3/2018 2


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5 Responses to Resistance Update 1/3/2018
  1. Oh Donna,

    You are my hero. With our Women’s March Anniversary Events coming up on 21Jan, online discussions of the ups & downs of last years pink hats are picking up steam. Your blue hat is the answer. I’m going to start suggesting it as a non-offensive alternative.

  2. Do you have a crochet version of this pattern?

  3. Thank you for doing this! I’m a beginner (although I’m proud of the 5 pink hats I made last year!). Do you have either a simpler version of this or can you refer me to videos illustrating the various techniques? I was able to make the hats last year after studying videos when I got stuck (and, ok, I did use a “phone a friend” once). Thanks again–we’re the wind behind the Blue Wave!

  4. Margherita Rossi January 21, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Do you take orders for blue wave hats? Would love 6!!

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