14 Nov 2017

Resistance 2.0 – I am Wonder Woman


I haven’t written much since the 2016 election. I’ve made blog posts about resisting and done a couple of columns for Knitty (early fall 2017 and deep fall 2017), but my writing fountain pen has dried out and my writing notebook has been gathering dust on my desk. It’s time to remedy this situation.

What Happened?

Where has my writing time gone? To resisting. I’ve been following the news, calling and faxing my reps, making political art and posters, going to marches and meetings, and knitting as a political act making pussyhats, Black Lives Matter hats, and more.

Resisting and persisting. That’s what I’ve been doing and what I will continue to do. But over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a shift in the force. It’s as if some floodgates of power have opened up in the resistance.

There is an old Latin saying, “if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas.”

To all the Republicans who are now saying that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is unfit for office, the reality is that was true long before the latest damning allegations. But apparently Moore’s disregard for the rule of law, his bigotry, and his proclivity to conspiracy theories were not enough to scare off Republican Senators worrying more about vote counts for tax bills and judges than they were about the prestige of the institution in which they serve. 

However, one of the truisms I have seen over the course of my career is that most marriages of political expediency tend to blow up into very messy divorces. And the damage done to party and person ends up being far greater than the potential upside ever was.

One wonders if the Moore story is but a coming attraction for a much bigger strike at GOP fortunes. With news about Russia swirling, and the President creating disquieting headlines on the national and international stages, the fleas of political hubris may only have started their bite.


Philly Street Art

What Can We Do Next?

Now that it’s been a year since the worst day ever, when I woke up and found out Donald Trump was going to be declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential election, it’s time to take the resistance to phase 2: Sustainability and endurance.

Resisting is now a daily habit for me, and it’s something I plan to do for the rest of my life, every day, like brushing my teeth. It’s also something I plan to not think about every minute of the day, like brushing my teeth.

Over the year, we’ve developed stamina. Strength is part of our life now. Claim your power and knit the I am Wonder Woman cowl by Jessica Anderson.

I Am Wonder Woman Cowl by Jessica Anderson

This recent post by Elizabeth Cronise Mclaughlin is spot on:

Resistance 2.0 - I am Wonder Woman 1For a while, I was ready to give up the warrior mantle. I wore it through my twenties and early thirties for a long, long time… By the time I got to 36 or so, I was tired. Being a warrior was exhausting. I wanted to run my own business, inspire others, marry, have kids. I did all that. I got soft. I believed I was safe. I tried really hard to find a place where I was.

What I realize this morning is that it is now time for this warrior to rise again.

I will not be beaten. I will not be bowed. I will not stand by silently while people I love are afraid or threatened or broken. I WILL NOT.

I am putting back on my armor. I am resetting my shoulders and I am lifting my chin. I am going to walk the streets of my nation with my head held high.

Because I am no longer damaged. I never was. I AM A WARRIOR, and I will not stand idly by and let us fail.

If I can count on nothing else, I can count on myself. And YOU can count on ME.

It seems my reference to that Maya Angelou poem yesterday was more prophetic than I realized.

This morning I say this to you: AND STILL, I RISE.

Check back soon for my next regular Resistance Update for links to some terrific new knitting patterns. And in 2017, you’ll be seeing a lot more writing from me again.









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2 Responses to Resistance 2.0 – I am Wonder Woman
  1. Just recently I have found that I am getting exhausted of fighting back. So many issues that it is easy to drown in the flood of assaults on health care, the free press, the judiciary, the dismantling of agencies, tweeted threats and insults, and never to be forgotten, the behind the curtain assault on our democracy by a foreign power.

    It is tempting to just let some things slide. Nope. Not happening. I will keep going.

    Thank you. Wonder Woman, hang on. I’m coming.

    I need a And Still, I Rise shirt. With flowers.

    • That’s right, we have to keep going. I just think of my friends in Lithuania who lived through decades of Soviet oppression. I don’t have the right to be tired after one year.

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