06 Aug 2019

Hi! If you haven’t received box 3 yet, you will soon! I hope you like this pattern as much as I do. It was really fun to design and knit, although it has a few challenges if the techniques are new to you. The pattern name is Raupen Wrap, and raupen is German for caterpillar.

In this month’s booklet, you’ll learn about lace knitting techniques from around the world, several of which are used in this month’s pattern. You’ll also learn about Maria Sibylla Merian’s book about European butterflies and caterpillars.

Raupen Wrap Videos & More 1

Here are some videos to help you with the Raupen Wrap. And look for two more next week, for the later part of the pattern.

Garter Tab Cast On


Estonian Gathered Stitches


Small Gathered Stitches and Placing Beads

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One Response to Raupen Wrap Videos & More
  1. We love the beautiful yarn, and have begun the raupenwrap. I have questions about the pattern. 1) After the Estonian Flower Setup, shouldn’t I have 62 sts.? That number is what is also needed to work the first row of Chart B, right? 2). How do we get to 110 sts at the end of the Estonian flowers? I get 86. Thanks so much.Anne Solomon


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