Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly KAL – April 2021

Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly KAL - April 2021 1


SOLD OUT!! Use your own yarn stash. Purchase pattern here and join us in the Ravelry.com forum.

Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly KAL - April 2021 2

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Purchase your yarn today (in stock) and we’ll email you the pattern one week before the Knit Along begins. Purchase yarn below. Limited supply.

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Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly KAL - April 2021 3

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This shawl is inspired by traditional Scottish Hap Shawls, but it is knit using different techniques. “Hap” is the Scottish word for shawl, and this design with an undulating lace border and simple garter stitch in the center, is a basic every-day shawl. My version starts with the center triangle, and then the border is knit onto the sides. Lastly, the top edge is added. Instead of the traditional Feather and Fan lace that is used on Hap Shawls, I substituted the more unusual Cockle Shell—or Sea Shell—lace pattern. I switched to the simpler Feather and Fan for the last part of the shawl so you can easily knit to your desired length and not worry about running out in the middle of a repeat.

Join me for my this spring KAL in April 2021.
– Designer Donna Druchunas-

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Purple Mort Bleu Butterfly KAL - April 2021 4

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Yarn: 100% Coopworth | Vermont
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Ply: Two ply
Yards: 780-785 yds / 713 m / 1 colorwheel cake
Weight: 200-204g / 7oz

Thank you for supporting our local shepherds in Vermont.

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  • This is a never before released pattern and a brand new design by Donna Druchunas with local Vermont Yarn. The yarn is custom dyed just for this project. 3 Color combinations available below.
  • If you purchase today, you get first pick of colors (below). We usually sell out and there is a limited supply and will not hand dye anymore.
  • Pattern is included and you will be emailed to you one week before the. Knit Along begins April 24th, 2021 on Ravelry.com.
  • You can join Designer Donna at the end of April in her Ravelry.com forums for help, tips, discussion, and videos.
  • The knit alongs generally last one month but the forum is up and online forever and you can always ask questions.

Free Shipping in the US and to Canada.

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