It’s worked back-and-forth and is only half of the knitting of a full pi-shawl. Because it’s smaller, it’s more versatile and can be worn draped over your shoulders to reveal all of the beautiful lace stitches to keep the chill off in summer air-conditioning, and it’s equally beautiful wrapped snugly around your neck as a warm winter scarf. I love that with half the knitting, you can get a beautiful garment that you can wear all year.

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Hemisphere Half Pi Shawl Pattern 7

Hemisphere Half Pi Shawl Pattern 8

I’m addicted to making pi shawls. I’ve designed and knit at least one or two every year since I made my first one in 2013. Most of my pi shawls have been made out of lace or sock yarn. This year, I wanted to make one out of a slightly heavier sport-weight yarn, but I didn’t want to make it a heavy shawl. So I decided to cut it in half. This design is the result.

Pattern Specs

Yarn: Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Sport Twist

  • lace
  • top down
  • lay flat


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