Photos: Lithuanian Textiles

These are some photos from our last visit to Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s like the knitting capital of the world.

Many of the markets show mittens, hats, shawls and more. Some of it is hand made (ladies in the street selling) and some is machine made but there is so much of it, you can go crazy buying everything in sight. Since Lithuanian money is worth less than U.S. money, many of these items are 35 percent less then the ticketed price.

To find out more about Lithuania. Check out this link. Enjoy the album of photos. We have many more and in the coming months we will post more. Perhaps make a separate photo area on the website.

[nggallery id=8]
  1. Thanks for checking us out. Any questions lets us know. We won’t be going back to Lithuania till next summer or possibly when the new book about Lithuania knitting comes out.

  2. Labas Donna,

    Just saw an ad for an online class for knitting socks and started following links. I was quite surprised when I came upon your site. Next time we travel to Vilnius, I will definitely stop by this knitting store. Love your photos!

  3. Thanks for the photos, Donna. A real feast for the eyes!


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