14 Jan 2017

A note to readers who don’t understand the outrage against Trump or think that those of us who voted for Hillary are sore losers.

That’s not it. Yes, we are angry. But that is really a cover up for our broken hearts. We are crying. We are in pain. We are full of sorrow. We are devastated.


Our Hearts are Broken 1
Because Donald Trump has made it OK to be hateful.

He has made it acceptable — at least to a certain percentage of the population — to make fun of handicapped people.

He has made it acceptable to sexually assault women.

He has made it OK for children to tell their classmates to go back to wherever they came from because Donald Trump said their parents will be deported.

He has made it OK to physically and verbally attack gays, lesbians, and trans people. Key word PEOPLE.

He has emboldened some to yell at Blacks, Mexicans, or Muslims at the store or in the parking lot and tell them they should get out of the white neighborhood.

He has made it OK to take away the rights of women, immigrants, and all kinds of minorities because a certain percentage of white men in this country feel threatened when others succeed.

Even if none of these things have happened to YOU, they’re still happening.

And that’s why we are crying. And yelling. And will be continuing to fight against this administration every day until it is defeated.

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6 Responses to Our Hearts are Broken
  1. I agree which is why I will be marching on January 21st. This is the first time in my many years on this planet that I am participating and getting involved because a situation has stirred me to the bone.

    • I’ve never done any marching or anything before either. Well, I’ve blogged. But we need to get our butts out into the real world and make a stand. I’m with you!

  2. Marching in Chicago with friends and pussyhats on the 21st. “Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises.” ~EZ

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