One on One Knitting Lessons with Donna

Donna teaching“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit lace, but I’m afraid I’ll fail.”

“I want to knit colorwork patterns, but my color knitting always comes out lumpy.”

“I bought a fantastic pattern but it has charts. I need someone to help me understand them.”

“I want to use my knitting or crochet for activism but I don’t have any good ideas.”

“I want to add crochet trim to a knitting project, but I don’t know how to crochet.”

“I love learning new things but I really need one-on-one attention from a teacher.”

Do any of these sound familiar?
If you said, “yes,” I can help you take your
knitting to the next phase.

Knitting and crochet never get boring. Why? Because there’s always more to learn. We can learn from books, videos, classes, and from individual teachers. Sometimes there’s nothing like sitting down, one-on-one, with a mentor to help you learn a new skill.

Thanks so much for this class. I have tried to knit socks from books before, but always got confused. Seeing something done is just so much easier than trying to work out something by yourself. I am happy to say that I have now finished my first pair of socks!

— Brita

Working with me, you will do just that: one step at a time. I will work with you to help you with your individual learning goals so you can make that dream project that has been scaring you for too long. You’ve wanted to learn cables, lace, or colorwork but you haven’t known where to start? Perhaps you want to add beads to your knitting but you’re not sure what kind of beads to buy and what projects to use them on. Maybe you have tried learning from a book or video but you need some feedback from an experienced teacher.

Subjects I teach:

  • Lace Knitting Basics
  • Designing Lace Stitches
  • Cables and Bavarian Twisted Stitches
  • Colorwork Techniques
  • Understanding Japanese Knitting Books
  • Understanding Victorian-era Knitting Patterns
  • Knitting Rugs
  • Knitting Socks that Fit
  • Knitting from Charts with Ease
  • Lithuanian Knitting
  • Knitting Mittens
  • Traditional Sweater Designs
  • Want to learn something else? Ask me about it! I might be able to help. If not, I can refer you to other sources of information.

You can do it, and I want to help you.

Donna TeachingI just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful knitting class. You are patient, knowledgable and you “read” your class to see where to go next instead of sticking to pre-set agenda. I hope I have an opportunity to meet up with you again in the near future.

— Jami

What a great class! Your information is very clear and engaging, and it’s nicely progressive. I also like your slightly less formal style—I really feel like I’m sitting next to you on the couch learning to knit socks!

— Maria


We can work together for one month to jump start your project, or if want a longer period of support, I offer three- and six-month packages. If you sign up for a quarterly or semi-annual package, you’ll get a big discount.

  • You’ll get a monthly project-planning worksheet.
  • We’ll have two half-hour video calls each month.
  • I’ll send you homework assignments based on your goals, plus notes from each session.
  • I’ll review and comment on your homework each month to help you keep on track.
  • You’ll send me a weekly status report, plus any questions you have in email.

Don’t worry about the technology! It’s so easy. And you can just call in on your browser or with an app on your smartphone or tablet. I’ll walk you through setting it up before our first call.

I’m interested! Tell me more.


  • One month: $75.
  • Three months: $150, payable at the beginning or three payments of $50 each.
  • Six months: $275, payable at the beginning or six payments of $45 each.

I loved your class. Have been knitting very slowly on my mitten, using my newly acquired continental knitting skills. It all feels very clumsy but I am a determined old soul so it will come in time. Again thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and skills.

— Debbie

I’m interested, tell me more!

My passion for making things, and for the processes leading up to sharing creative projects with the world, is what my work is all about.

In the late 1990s when I was employed as a technical writer, after working for four different companies over the course of a decade, I realized that I hated my career. One day while we were knitting at the LYS, my friend Kris asked me, “If you can write about how to replace a hard drive, can’t you write about how to knit things?” A light went off in my head and I began to see my way clear of the jobs I hated, into a world filled with fiber and friends who love the same things that I do. That simple question changed my life forever.

My years as a technical writer did not go to waste. The skills I learned writing about computer hardware and software carried over to the knitting world, writing patterns and developing books and videos to help you expand your skills and break free from the tyranny of patterns, the way I broke free of the tyranny of my cubicle. My goal is to to teach that one skill, to share that one story, or to ask that one question, that will change your life forever.

I’m interested, tell me more!

I just wanted to say how much I loved your class. Your class was so fantastic. Your handouts were great and I was so inspired to try a Japanese pattern! I really feel like a veil was lifted and I can see into a whole new world of knitting.

— Lynn

I’ve written nine knitting books, worked with small, medium, and large publishers, and am now self publishing. I also write for popular knitting magazines, have designed for several yarn companies, and have worked professionally as an editor, tech editor, and translator. What I love best—besides my own creative writing—is helping other designers and authors reach their potential and see their dreams come true.

I was in your class on Japanese Charts. I had 5 classes and yours was THE BEST for me. I especially loved it when you went thru the charts showing and explaining all those little “hidden” Japanese chart symbols and how to follow them and execute them and then you went to look at everyone’s work to evaluate and show how.

— Sharon

I’m interested, tell me more!