Off to Alaska today & NEW BOOK

Off to Alaska to cruise and teach knitting and take photos for my upcoming book, Big Lace: Gifts on the Go, written with Susan Santos and published byCooperative Press. We’ll be taking photos and finishing up the stories for the book, and the knitters on the cruise — women and men — will be modeling the big-needle lace accessories.

It’s an armchair travel knitting book, featuring places I’ve┬ávisited around the world with projects I’ve made as gifts using the unique yarns I’ve stumbled upon. All of the projects have been remade with yarn that was readily available at yarn shops in the USA and there’s a special section on adapting patterns for handspun and one-of-a-kind yarns you may find on your own travels, even if it’s just up the street to your favorite LYS.

There are also bonus projects, stories, and knitting tips from Sensational Susan aka @jellidonut on Twitter.


  1. Just posted Donna’s itinerary above. Don’t think she is headed toward Sitka.

  2. I live in Sitka, was just wondering if you’ll be sailing through here?

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