No wool? No vikings.

Since we’ll be knitting my Parts Unknown cowl that Dom calls the “Viking Cowl” in January, you might enjoy reading up on vikings and wool ahead of time.

No wool? No vikings. 1

To knit from stash, the pattern is free on Knitty but it’ll be really hard to match the color flow, plus the sale of this yarn helps Annie Modesitt, the dyer and a fantastic designers, who recently has been diagnosed with cancer and lost her husband all in the same period.

My knitting this year (2018) took me to Sweden and Norway, Iceland, Great Britain, and Nova Scotia, Canada, all on on the trail of Vikings and their braided knot-work motifs. The Vikings didn’t knit, but their art still inspires knitters around the world, and in this article, you’ll learn about all the ways they used wool.

No wool? No vikings. 2

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