02 Sep 2010

FALL COLORS: Next Blog Post Series

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Well, wasn’t the SUMMER OF LACE fun? I had a great time preparing and scheduling those posts, getting to look at Successful Lace Knitting again from the point of view of each designer who contributed a project, rather than just zoning in on my own research. I hope you had as much fun as I did hearing from so many talented women.



Successful Lace Knitting

I enjoyed doing the series so much, that I’ve decided to do another one right away. This one will be about Lithuanian Knitting, the subject of a future book (as you must already know if you have been following me at all over the past four years!). The book will be out in a year or so, if my co author and I get our manuscripts turned in to our publisher next month as planned.

There’s always a lot of information you can’t possibly fit into a book, so I’m planning to share some of that with you here. Some of what I write here will also find it’s way into the book, as I work on finishing my chapters while I am under the spell of being in Vilnius.

I’ve never been in Europe in autumn before, so I’m looking forward to experiencing the changes in the light and air, in the sights and sounds, as the days shorten, students return to school, and tourists head home. What will Vilnius be like when the cafes pull in the sidewalk tables and chairs for the winter? When the ballet and opera season starts? Will I need to buy a warmer jacket? A wooly hat? A pair of boots? Being here as the seasons change, as knitting season begins, will give me a better idea about how many people wear sweaters and knitted accessories. The shop windows and racks are already filled with stylish cardigans and wraps. Are hand knitters working furiously to duplicate the newest fashions? Or are they sticking with more traditional designs? All this, I suspect, will show up in my coming posts.

Just as in the previous series, I’ll be scheduling several posts a week. Here’s what’s planned for September, although each post will probably ramble out into other related (and sometimes unrelated) topics.

September (UPDATE: dates shifted out by a couple of days, FYI)

  • 6: History
  • 9: Yarn Shops
  • 12: Beaded Wrist Warmers
  • 15: Wool
  • 18: Lithuanian National Costume
  • 21: Socks and stockings
  • 24: Linen
  • 27: Nature
  • 30: Mittens and Gloves

I’m planning to continue the series on Lithuania until I get home, late in October, but I am not ready to schedule the October posts yet. I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am!

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