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Although I skipped TNNA (The National Needle Arts) industry trade show in San Diego and VKLive (Vogue Knitting Live) in New York City, my year in Vermont didn’t begin in Vermont, but with a short trip to Colorado to film a new Craftsy class. The class launches on January 25th, but you can enter to win a fee seat in the course now.

Bavarian Twisted Stitch Knitting on Craftsy

I like familiarity, returning to places I have been before, whether I’d been there for a short visit or lived there for several years. A place I have lived before is still home to me and I believe you can go home again if you are the kind of person who finds home, who makes home, wherever you live.

As I sat in the back seat of the limo on the way to DIA (Denver International Airport), I looked out the window and smiled at the familiar scenery. I knew where I was, I knew where I was going. Even at the airport, I don’t feel stressed or annoyed because I know what to expect. Adventure is occasionally fun, but this year I prefer the comfort and constrains of the familiar. And there’s no place like home.

I’ve been writing about my life in Vermont in my notebook every day, but I’ve got two big deadlines coming up this week, so I’ll get back to posting more after that’s done.

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