11 Oct 2019

Hi all! I hope you are enjoying the latest club package. I had someone ask a question about the Russian lace/cable chart and I have made a slight correction.

I changed the key that said p2tog to k2tog. That’s how I worked it on the sample and I think it is easier that way besides. So pooh-pooh to the Russian chart! The chart isn’t changed at all. Just the key.

Nabokov's Blue Scarf 1

OK, back to work. I’m dyeing up tons of fall colors to send to you next time! Since I have put some of the photos on Instagram, I guess I’ll share them here too because it’s not really a secret.

Nabokov's Blue Scarf 2

Nabokov's Blue Scarf 3

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4 Responses to Nabokov’s Blue Scarf
  1. Hi, I’m not finding the videos you referenced or the Nabokov’s Blue’s playlist on your youtube channel, can ypu please share the link? I just cast on and would like to make the faux-cable buttonholes. Thanks!

  2. Just finished the scarf. Not sure though exactly where to place buttons.


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