01 Jun 2016

A photo tour of my studio — the room where I ostensibly write, design, sketch, and do all of my work. In reality, I work all over the house. In summer, I spend a lot of time on the front porch. In winter, I’m often found on the couch in the living room. At other times, I may hang out in our classroom. And sometimes I even work in bed.

One of the main reasons we moved to Vermont so is we could have more space for our business. The first part of our 1877 farm house that we cleaned up was a big room to be my studio.

Empty StudioThat’s the only time my work room (or any part of my house, for that matter) has ever looked so clean! Wherever I am working, I end up having piles. I use piles to organize my work, and if I put anything away before the project is finished, I’ll never find it again.

Piles of BooksI have lots of shelves — whole walls covered with them. Most of them are full of books but yarn also works it’s way onto the shelves. I don’t actually have a large stash. I have a small amount of yarn for personal use, and I have yarn that is set aside for my designs.

YarnMy cats help me stay organized, too.

Cat HelperThe studio room is about 400 square feet — larger than some of my apartments have been — and there’s room for a small mini video setup on an oak table. This is where I shoot all of my YouTube videos.

Video SetI bought some lovely furniture at the local antique shop to store my personal yarn…

Furnitureand art supplies.

FurnitureWe have a separate room downstairs from the studio for a classroom and small shop.

ClassroomThe newest part of the studio is this sign! We’ll be opening for summer hours starting next week and looking forward to staying home this summer and seeing who comes by to visit!

Sheep to Shawl Studio Sign

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