My publisher has knocked this one out of the park!

April 13, 2010

My publisher has knocked this one out of the park!

My publisher has knocked this one out of the park! 1I hope you will think that I have as well. I just got my advance copy of Successful Lace Knitting, published by Martingale & Company. This book, more than any of my others, is the work of a team. Whereas fabulous designers like NIcki Epstein may have assistant researchers help them with the background information for their books, my strengths lie in the research and the writing. I am an adequate, but not a phenomenally talented designer. (No, I’m not begging for flattery; I’m being brutally honest.) So for this book, I had over twenty of today’s most talented designers create an array of projects that blew me away when I saw the finished pieces. Each designer received a chart from one of Dorothy Reade’s original lace stitches and let their imaginations run wild. The resulting collection includes socks, shawls and stoles, sweaters, home decor items, and more.

My tech editor, the book and cover designer, the illustrator, and the photographer also contributed to the beauty of this book. I am always completely surprised to see how my manuscript and sloppy sketches are transformed into a gorgeous book, and in this case I am more surprised than ever. I could not be happier with the results.

What makes this book even more special to me, is the fact that it is a tribute to a designer whose amazing work and contribution to American knitting history is often overlooked. The subtitle of the book “celebrating the work of Dorothy Reade” tells it all. Before the projects are presented, I have included a short biography of Dorothy Reade, focusing on her accomplishments as a knitter and spinner. I’ve also included excerpts from her written works, so she can share her knitting philosophy and techniques with you directly.

There’s more from both Dorothy Reade and the designers that will be coming up on my website soon, too!

For now, here’s a quick peek at what’s inside: You can see all of the projects on my facebook fan page and soon on Ravelry as well.