Misc notes from Donna

How’s everyone doing? Have any photos to share here or on Ravelry? Any questions about any of the patterns so far?

I just realized I never uploaded the Japanese butterfly motif video so on that for today. Sorry I forgot!

I’m almost done with the modernized/Americanized cable butterfly chart that I’m redoing for you. And I just found this, which I must attempt to knit next. It’s very much like the butterfly stitch in the Raupen Wrap pattern, but also different. Isn’t it cool? After I figure out how to knit this, I will make a new chart for you and/or I may use it in a future club project. It’d make a gorgeous scarf, wouldn’t it?

And now I’m dyeing up the yarn and working on the pattern for Box 4 …. and ordering all kinds of fun goodies for boxes 4, 5 and 6. You are all gonna have so much fun!


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