Milk weed fluff (silk) as yarn.

Found this today on the internet. Use a drill to spin the fine silk of the milkweed plant into a yarn that you can use.

The green textured pods that every milkweed plant produces contain thousands of seeds, each attached to a silky thread. In late autumn as the plant is beginning to desiccate, these pods split open and release the seeds, each attached to a fluffy parachute. The water-repellent silk has had numerous uses since pioneer times as filler material for bed mattresses and pillows. A type of thread was made that included the fluffy milkweed silk and this thread was often used to produce soft inner-wear like socks.


Milk weed fluff (silk) as yarn. 1

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Milk weed fluff (silk) as yarn. 2

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Milk weed fluff (silk) as yarn. 3

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  1. Bradley Mowers 05/28/2019 at 9:38 pm Reply

    I`ve been collecting milk weed seed fluff for a few weeks. Finally spun it today (by itself) on a wheel. I got about 2 meters of yarn. So silky, soft and ephemeral. Don`t know if I`ll use it, just wanted to spin it.

  2. Happy New Year, Donna! Have a wonderful productive knitting time!

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