About Donna Druchunas
An entrepreneur for over 15yrs, I've dabbled in all kinds of businesses. From self publishing, knit design, website sales, teaching, mentoring, and more. I love to see other people succeed in whatever their endeavor may be. I'll be able to give you a jumpstart to start your business, start a hobby, website, and make you a success in the craft industry. This is my business and it supports me, my husband, three cats, living in a large farmhouse in Vermont USA.

Raupen Wrap Videos & More

Hi! If you haven’t received box 3 yet, you will soon! I hope you like this pattern as much as I do. It was really fun to design and knit, although it has a few challenges if the techniques are new to you. The pattern name is Raupen Wrap, and raupen is German for caterpillar. […]

Hi! Ready for box 3?

Hi! I feel like I’ve deserted you. I was in Lithuania for 3 weeks, then down with a cold and jet lag. But before I left for my trip, we got everything ready for box 3 so it’s going to ship next week. All I have to do is make some videos for you because […]

How Silk is Made

Here’s a cool video on how silk is made. Check it out! And if you want to learn more, join our Natural History of Knitting Yarn Club. There are a few spots open. We’ll be talking about silk in our next package and more later in the year.  

Inspiring Embroidery

All this embroidery is inspiring me. Do you all want to do an embroidered knit project later this year? I have ideas! These gorgeous pieces are by Jenny Adin-Christie, a freelance specialist traditional embroiderer, trained at the Royal School of Needlework. She has some amazing photos and information on her website, so if you have […]

Embroidery in the 1700s

This wedding dress was made in 1766 and it survives with its stomacher and trimmings intact. We are lucky that in this case we know something of the making and the ownership of this beautiful garment. The silk is from Nørre Vosborg. The dress was made for the then 24 year old Mette Bagges Kjær […]

Tutorials for Bindweed Cowl Techniques – Video

There’s nothing very tricky about the Bindweed Cowl, but it does use a combination of techniques that I put together to create special effects. Provisional Cast On I used a provisional cast on for this so we can add a border to the bottom later. Here’s my favorite provisional cast-on technique:   Cables OOPS, I […]