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An entrepreneur for over 15yrs, I've dabbled in all kinds of businesses. From self publishing, knit design, website sales, teaching, mentoring, and more. I love to see other people succeed in whatever their endeavor may be. I'll be able to give you a jumpstart to start your business, start a hobby, website, and make you a success in the craft industry. This is my business and it supports me, my husband, three cats, living in a large farmhouse in Vermont USA.

Introduce Yourself

Hi Everyone, So far we have about 95 members in the club and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. If you’d like to say hi, you can comment below and introduce yourself. By no means is this a requirement and you can be as private as you’d like.


Happy Birthday, Maria Sibylla Merian!

Happy Birthday to Maria Sibylla Merian, our muse for this year’s packages in The Natural History of Knitting club! Maria Sibylla Merian (April 2, 1647 – January 13, 1717) was a naturalist and scientific illustrator who studied plants and insects and painted them in great detail. Her careful observations and documentation of the metamorphosis of […]


Colors and Ravelry

Yarn Color I designed this month’s yarn to be the colors of spring tulips. I was inspired by these Endless Spring Purple Tulip bulbs. I had a small selection of purple, burgundy, and red dyes that I combined in different varieties to create a garden like this one. The bulb catalog says, “This stunning collection […]


They’re All Shipped!

Dom’s been busy! The last packages are going out in today’s mail and if you haven’t received your tracking email yet, you should get it by 4pm. We want everyone to have their packages before we put up any spoilers of the pattern. I’ll be away teaching from April 3-11 but Dom will be working […]


Dyeing like Mad!

Getting ready! Such a busy week. We’re finishing up the dyeing today. Isn’t this cool? I love mixing colors. The booklets should arrive Monday. And I am almost done with the paintings. Then to finish up a little extra surprise and we’ll be ready to ship.    


Getting ready!

I’m so busy. I am actually quite glad I invented this project. I feel better when I’m busy making things. Being creative is weird though. I thought of this project in January and here we are in March getting ready to ship our first packages. We’ll let you know when we ship! Because this is […]