About Donna Druchunas
An entrepreneur for over 15yrs, I've dabbled in all kinds of businesses. From self publishing, knit design, website sales, teaching, mentoring, and more. I love to see other people succeed in whatever their endeavor may be. I'll be able to give you a jumpstart to start your business, start a hobby, website, and make you a success in the craft industry. This is my business and it supports me, my husband, three cats, living in a large farmhouse in Vermont USA.

I write like….

I write like Vladimir Nabokov I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! Here’s what I analyzed, from the introduction to Arctic Lace: Picture yourself surrounded by the softest fiber you can imagine. Skeins of yarn, tufts of fleece, delicate knitted lace envelop you. The nearly weightless fiber has the texture of […]


SUMMER OF LACE: Diamond Swing Top by Chrissy Gardiner

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Hi Chrissy, I’m so glad you were able to submit this lovely design to Successful Lace Knitting. What inspired you most in the creation of this design? CG: This is a scoop-necked top with a front opening to accommodate a pregnant belly through all stages of pregnancy and […]


Where does the time go?

Didn’t we just get here? I can’t believe that the first phase of my summer journey is almost over. We will be leaving Cumbria on Monday and England next Tuesday, and I haven’t even blogged about Woolfest yet. I guess that won’t be happening, but I did write about it on previous visits, so you […]


SUMMER OF LACE: Successful Lace Knitting Designer Notes Series

Welcome to the Successful Lace Knitting Designer Notes series on my blog! When I was working on Successful Lace Knitting, I interviewed each designer who had submitted a project to the book to find out about their design inspiration and to ask them to share their tips for knitting lace. Unfortunately for me, this information […]


Recursive Retreats

I’ve been spending the weekend at the most wonderful and tiny writing conference in the small town of Bowness on Solway in the northwest corner of England. It’s amazing what interesting and inspiring events take place in the hidden corners of the world. This conference cost £8 ($12) for two days of talks about writing, […]


Liverpool Part 2: The Knitting

Before we left what I call the middle of England but what seems to be considered part of “the north” to the English — I suppose in the way Long Islanders consider everything above New York City as “upstate” and most everyone in the USA considers Chicago the “midwest” even though Denver is actually pretty […]