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We are a small business, in a large farmhouse on two acres in upper Vermont.

Donna Druchunas

Donna Druchunas began her career as a technical writer for large corporations such as Pyxis, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Top Gun Fighter Weapons School, and a few other small companies. She then worked for Medialab (a small software company) out of her home. At Medialab Donna wrote copy and manuals for software.

With over 25 years experience in technical writing, she has carried her knowledge over to the knitting world, writing patterns and developing books for fellow knitters. Her second book, Arctic Lace (about a knitting co-op in Alaska), is a smashing hit and has been in publication since 2004. After working with large knitting publishers, Donna has decided to try her hand at self-publishing. She is currently working on the Stories in Stitches knitting book series with co-author Ava Coleman and Susan Santos. Travel has been Donna’s latest passion. She has made several trips to Western and Eastern Europe seeking out the international history of knitting.

Some of Donna’s career highlights:

  • 11 Knitting books
  • Audio CDs
  • Knitting DVDs with Interweave
  • Countless knitting articles in various periodicals
  • Knitting teacher (retreats, wool markets, shops, guilds,
  • Various Knit Alongs on with many patterns (Ravelry: druchunas)
  • Online sock knitting videos with
  • Translation of German knitting books to the English language
  • Successful website ( chock full of knitting information
  • Worked with various knitting publishers as a tech editor in the industry
  • Recently opened up a local knitting studio in her hometown of Barton, Vermont

And so much more.

Crafting has always been with Donna since her elementary school days.

Donna was born in New York City, but today  lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with my husband and three cats, who are very helpful when it comes to testing new knitting designs.

Want to pick Donna’s brain? Want to know how to self publish your book? How about learning how to be in front of a video camera? Publish your knitting patterns, articles, or books with large publishers? Learn about her failures and successes?

Attend a writing retreat, knitting retreat, knitting class, or email her today! See Donna at her home studio in Barton, Vermont (open periodically). Visit her website at for the latest info.

Donna Druchunas Send her an email Ravelry Member: Druchunas

 Dominic Cotignola

Designer, Marketing, Website Design, and husband.
No, he does not knit.

The guy behind the scenes of Sheep to Shawl, LLC. Sheep to Shawl has been around in some form or another since 2004. Started by Donna as a side business in Colorado, in 2012 we decided to move to Vermont and live totally off the income of the knitting business. In 2012 the business was moved to upper northeast Vermont 25 miles from the border of Canada. We can now service many of the Canadians as well as American knitters through our website and travel to the northern country for meetings and to teach classes.

We love snow & we do wear many of the garments designed by Donna which you will find on this website or as a pattern.

We will be officially opening our knitting shop in our large farm house that we purchased in 2012 that has a parking lot as well as an area of the home (1000 square feet) fully devoted to the knitting shop.

Shop will be open starting June 9th, 2017 from 11am – 6am Thurs – Sunday.

If you have any technical problems with the website or any questions that does not pertain to knitting, contact me on the contact page.

Susan Santos

Knitter, Designer, Author, and assistant to Donna

Susan currently lives in Colorado and has been a devoted friend of Sheep to Shawl for over 9 yrs. A knitter in her own sphere, she takes care of the technicalities of the behind the scenes of knitting for Donna.

Recently, Susan has been given a bigger role in the self published Stories in Stitches book series originally created by Ave Coleman and Donna Druchunas. Check out the latest in the book series that involves stories of the past with knitting patterns alongside the stories.

 And You!

Thank you all for supporting our small business over the years. It been a great ride so far in the hobby and we look forward to meeting you in our new shop in Vermont or at the next workshop or knitting show.

Thank you to all the test knitters and devoted fans of Sheep to Shawl, and we appreciate your business. Really, we do.

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