Meet The Team

Donna Druchunas (Owner)
Owner | Knitter | Mentor | Entrepreneur
My passion for knitting, and for the processes leading up to the yarn we knit with combined with the stories behind those fibers, yarns and stitches, is what Sheep to Shawl is all about.
Ravelry Name: Druchunas
Dominic Cotignola (Manager)
Manager | Public Relations
I am the behind the scenes guy for Sheep to Shawl, LLC and do the mundane things it takes to run a business. Marketing, printing, website designs, displays, and more. We are a small business located in the Northeast Kingdom (yes, they do call it that) of the US state of Vermont. We are 20 miles from the Canadian border (eh?).
Ravelry Name: Sheep2ShawlVT