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Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions Blog Tour

NOTE: I am taking pre-orders for the Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions as of Aug 2015. Please click here to view more info. Have you been following along my blog tour for Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions? I’m promoting this book, which has been in the works since 2007 and is now almost ready to go to the printer. I’m running a Pubslush campaign (think Kickstarter but just for books) to raise the money to print a hardcover book in Lithuania and support the local economy. I’ve been posting the blog tour links on social media, but I completely forgot to put a blog tour schedule up here. So I am redressing that situation now. I hope you enjoy reading about all of the different aspects of researching and writing a mixed-genre book with knitting patterns! Thanks to everyone who is part of this tour. It’s so much fun visiting different blogs and podcasts and getting to know new listeners and readers. March 21 A Playful Day Podcast with Kate Tag! You’re It! Feat Donna Druchunas Part of ‘An Inspired 2015’ with special guests, to develop this month’s theme of ‘Location and Journey’. April 2 Fibre Town Podcast with Emily Estrada Episode 105 Interview with Fibre Town video podcast about Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions, sheep breeds, family history, and recording Craftsy classes. Skip to 38 minutes in for my spot. April 22 The Icelandic Knitter with Hélène Magnússon Lithuanian Knitting Hélène says, “Today, we’re going to Lithuania! There’s a rich tradition of knitting mittens, socks and beaded wristwarmers. Some of the mittens’s patterning is not without reminding me of some types of Icelandic mittens to find in Iceland. I have the pleasure to host on the blog Donna Druchunas: she is the author of many books about knitting traditions but her upcoming book, “Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Tradition”, is probably the one closest to her heart.” April 24 Sunset Cat Designs with Stephannie Tallent Podcast Episode 6: A Quickie Stephanie says, “In this episode I review Lithuanian Knitting from Donna Druchunas and June Hall; review Lara Neel’s new Craftsy class; and talk about a new piece of equipment, the Running Buddy.” April 25 Subway Knits with Maria MN In the Conductor’s Booth: An Interview with Donna Druchunas Maria claims I am one of her knitting heroes and says, “She is such a fascinating person to talk to, and her passion for knitting and writing definitely shows.” April 30 Original Impulse with Cynthia Morris Free-Writing to Write Anything: A Conversation with Star Knitter Donna Druchunas Cynthia says, “I don’t just coach Donna; I’m a big fan. I love how she has brought her unbridled creativity into a wonderful life for herself. We’ve worked to help Donna bring even more creativity into the planning of her work. It’s been a total joy to see her colors and sketches help her map what she wants to create for her readers and knitting tribe.” Mezgimo zona (The Knitting Zone)  Sonata Eidikienė says, “Knygos autorė – Donna Druchunas (kartu su June Hall), žinoma mezgimo pasaulyje savo išsamiomis, įdomiomis ir puikiai parašytomis knygomis, tyrinėjančiomis įvarių šalių mezgimo tradicijas. Aš su jomis susipažinau anksčiau nei su autore. Mane, skaitančias visas knygas apie mezgimą, kurios tik pakliūdavo į rankas, jos patraukė aiškumu, gyva gražia kalba ir asmeniniais įspūdžiais.” May 4 Rohn Strong Designs: Historical Knitting and Crochet Design Coffee with Donna (well kinda)… Rohn says, “Today I am happy to be a part of a little blog/online/couch tour for my friend Donna Druchunas and her co-author June Hall. I’ve known Donna for years and she is one of the major reasons I do what it is that I do!” May 6 Kathleen O’Brien Studios Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions, interview with Donna Druchunas Kathleen O’Brien says, “Loving travel myself, I was curious how Donna has crafted her unusual and successful business with her passion for knitting.” Kate Atherly Knits Interview with Donna Druchunas: Lithuanian Knitting book Kate says, “I have been doing the technical editing on her upcoming collaboration with June Hall, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions. The book tells stories from Donna and June’s travels around Lithuania, learning about the local knitting techniques and traditions. The book also includes over 25 patterns…” May 11  Baltic Stitches with Rachel Russ Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions preview and an interview with Donna Druchunas Rachel says, “Donna Druchanas is fast becoming THE leading expert in the area of Lithuanian style knitting in the USA. Pour a cuppa something you like, get ready to drool over some amazing knit color work,  and let’s check in with Donna about her current book project.” May 12 Kangath Knits with Ruth Roland Book Review: Lithuanian Knitting . . . plus a Giveaway Ruth says, “Donna Druchunas has an interesting style of knit design. Inspired by ethnic traditions and enhanced by her own quirky intelligence, she turns out items to dress in from head to toe and then some. She has collaborated with June Hall on a masterwork which combines history, technique, designs, and even a bit of animal science–all Lithuanian or inspired by Lithuanian knitting.” May 17  Sites and Stories with Kathleen Ernst Folk Art, Knitting, Murder, and More… Kathleen says, “I am delighted have my friend Donna Druchunas as guest on Sites and Stories! Donna is an expert knitter, dedicated to documenting and sharing traditional patterns from around the world. Many of her own original designs are inspired by artifact and heirloom pieces. I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a long time. Welcome, Donna!” May 19  Just Call me Ruby with Susan Crawford Lithuanian Knitting and how Knitting brings the Past into the Present Susan says, “I’m very excited about the forthcoming publication from the extremely talented Donna Druchunas and equally talented co-author, June Hall. Lithuanian Knitting Continuing Traditions promises to introduce us to Lithuanian knitting techniques and traditions as well as introduce us to the knitters, weavers, spinners and sheep of this fascinating country. To top it all there are 25 knitting patterns celebrating this rich knitting heritage.” May 20 Heather Zoppetti Designs Finding Knitting Ideas in Lithuania Heather says, “Today we have a fabulous guest post by the amazing designer and writer, Donna Druchunas about her next book, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions. Enjoy!” May 21 FGDesigns with Faina Goberstein Book Review  Faina says, “I love to read about history of knitting and culture. Unfortunately we do not have much written about the early years and origins of knitting and crochet since that kind of tradition was handed down from generation to generation by physical presence and loving teaching. That’s why it is so important to support work of diligent and passionate writers and researchers like Donna Druchinus and June Hall. Their work is not over. They are planning to continue their search and want to teach many knitters to continue this tradition. This is just a beginning.” May 22  Knitsonik with Felicity Ford Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions Felix says, “’m thrilled to host Donna Druchunas on my blog today as part of the special blog tour organised to coincide with her pubslush campaign. Pubslush is like Kickstarter but for books and crowdfunding will enable Donna Druchunas and co-author June Hall to have the book on which they have been working for several years printed and bound in Lithuania. Their book – Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions – is about knitting but it’s also about the special relationships between knitting, history, people, places and wool.” Still to come: May 25 The Independent Stitch with Deb Robson. Knitting, spinning, and other textile crafts, plus independent publishing and other thoughts about books. Plus dogs and bicycles and. . . .
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