Lithuanian Knitting book update

Well, I’ve been hiding away working all month and the Lithuanian book is closer than ever to becoming a book. All the chapters in the manuscript are finished, and we’ve started working on the layout of the material, combining the text with pictures, and putting techniques and projects into each section. Because of the changes in the market and technology over the last few years while we’ve been working on writing the book, we’ve decided to release it in PDF format first, each chapter coming out as a separate PDF, and then building the whole book at the end. That way you can start reading a lot sooner! At the end, the book will be availble as a print book and as an ebook. So far it seems like knitters like the PDF format the best, because it can be read on just about any device and it maintains the layout of the paper book, so that’s what we’re initially planning. The technology is changing so quickly though, it may be possible to have other ebook formats in the long-term. It’s such a challenge keeping up with the changes in the book publishing world these days!

So, for those who have anxiously been waiting for this book to come out and who may be impatient, I have some other exciting news! I am doing a DVD about Lithuanian socks for Interweave Press. I’m filming that in March. It will include cool information about the symobls and colorwork stitches used in Lithuanian knitting, a tiny bit of history and travel info, and patterns for three socks with different kinds of heels and toes. The book also includes lace and texture pattern socks, as well as mittens, gloves, and wrist warmers, so you’ll want to have both if you’re as interested in Lithuanian knitting as I am, or even if you’re only 1/10th as interested as I am. Because way less than 1/10th of what I’ve learned is going into the book. That’s the challenge of writing a book: deciding what has to be left out. But that just means you’ll be hearing more about this topic from me for a long time in the future.

So, I just wanted to say hello since I’ve been so buried in work lately and you’ve probably noticed that a lot of my facebook posts say “via Dominic”. Thank goodness I have my DH and my wonderful assistant, Susan, to help me out. I don’t know how I ever would get anything done without them. And now, back to work!

I do have a Lithuanian topic in one of my Ethnic Knitting books so check it out.

Lithuanian Knitting book update 1

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