Let us…

I am doing a “free write fling” course this month, where you get a prompt every day and write for 15 minutes without editing. This is what I wrote this morning. This is why I write and knit and design and share my work. I have been struggling with the darkness in the world a lot lately, and how it seems that evil is more powerful than good. One person with a bomb can wreck havoc on a city or a country, but one person with a hug only helps the one person they are hugging. I don’t see how love or peace can ever erase hate and war, and it seems to me that the only way to stop a bully is by becoming a bigger bully. I am, after all, a pessimist.

I’m not an altruistic person. Just ask my mom, and she will tell you how self-centered I am in my personal life. But I would like to leave the world better than I found it, and I hope that my work, in particular that Stories In Stitches will make someone’s world just a tiny bit better. I have no delusions that I can change the world in any large way, I think that I can change the world in small, meaningful ways for a few individuals. Maybe that’s enough.


Let us…

Let us pray.
Let us dance.
Let us travel
to China
to Australia
to the Moon.

Let us be one.
Let us not fight.
Let us try
at least in a small way
to understand one another
and to
be friends.

Let us act.
Let us think.
Let us walk together
down the boardwalk
looking at the ocean
and the night sky
and realize how big the universe is
and how small

Let us once and for all
stop hating each other
and killing each other
and arguing with each other
and fighting with each other.

Let us look
and realize
we are all the same.

Let us embrace peace
above all else,
peace and safety for
our mothers and our children.
Let us embrace what
women want instead of
what men want.
Honor and valor and
violence to show who
is better and bigger and braver.
Let us embrace
love and humility and
making things with our hands.

Let us show the world our greatness
through the small things we do for
our neighbors rather than through
the big things we do to foreigners,
for the foreigners are our neighbors
and they are us in another
house, another school, another
style of clothing.

Let us be us instead of me and you.

Let us embrace humanity and
realize that all humans are
related. Let us stop dehumanizing
the enemy in order to make it easier
to treat those with whom we disagree
as animals.

Let us relate to people not

One person to one person.
Let us be.


This is “White Crucifixion” by Marc Chagall.

Marc Chagall White Crucifixion

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  1. donna

    Thanks Dana, I’ve been enjoying following your comments in the FWF. It doesn’t have to be knitting. But it’s so true, isn’t it? Making things with your hands is a spiritual act. That’s the subject of an essay I am working on right now. Thanks for visiting my site!


  2. Donna, I’m one of your fellow Flingers and my curiosity about your knitting and more of your writing got the best of me this morning. I tend towards pessimism, too, but I also understand (not always believe in) the paying it forward concept. I like your poem in response to the prompt. I especially liked these 3 lines – Let us embrace / love and humility and / making things with our hands. I feel more peaceful when I make things with my hands. I don’t knit and I marvel at people who do. I had a literature professor who knitted and she tried to get me started. I think you spread a lot of peace and love with your knitting and writing. Maybe someday I will try to start. Or not. But I will continue making things with my hands.

  3. donna

    Would love to! I don’t have anything scheduled but I’ve always wanted to visit Australia.

  4. When you come to Australia, you must visit me. Think we may share some common interests, Lithuania, wool! Handcrafts. You’re the creative one, I’m the admirer…

  5. I often feel the same way you do, thinking that my small positive action toward one person has only an effect on one person. But I would like to think that maybe by helping one person they might in turn feel more positive and help someone else thus “paying it forward”.

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