What’s in each section?


What’s in each section?

I’ll be teaching two lessons in Craftivist Camp. The first will introduce you to Intarsia knitting, a style of colorwork which allows free form and isolated patterns to be knitted into your work. It’s the perfect technique for adding logos or symbols to your knitting. We’ll be making Victory Mitts, an easy first intarsia project which will show you the ropes and hopefully get your creative juices flowing for other projects in which you can use the technique.

While you are knitting your mitts, you can listen to and read the next lesson all about the history of political crafting. I’ll take you back to the end of the American Revolution and we’ll travel in time up to the end of World War II.

What's in each section? 1

Donna will also teach two lessons. Her first lesson will be on knitting Fair Isle hats with personal messages. She’ll include a basic pattern, a chart of the alphabet in upper and lower case letters, and ideas for modifying the hat to suit your style and passions. While you’re knitting, you can read through her lesson on Knitting as a Political Act to get ideas for how you can continue to use knitting in your activism throughout the year.

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Finally, at the end of the course, Donna and I will provide you with a great lesson on where to go next. You’ll get links to books, articles, movies, videos, other projects and classes which relate to what you’ve learned. As a gift and part of the camp, you’ll receive a copy of Crafting the Resistance, the book Lara Neel and I wrote in 2017 which 35 projects from sewing to knitting to support your resistance practice.