BP17 – How the course works

How this Course Works

This class is organized into weekly Lessons with daily Activities. You can review and access the content by using the Back to: Year End Rejuvenation & Business Plan 2017 link at the top of the page.

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You can also proceed through the course using the Previous Lesson and Next Lesson buttons near the bottom of the page.

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Most lessons and activities will have space for you to add comments to participate in discussions. The comment box will be at the bottom of the page.

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The first main lesson will begin on December 4th, and you’ll receive an email as each new lesson and activity is available.

Every week, you will find six activities, one for each weekday and weekend recap:

  • Relax and Meditate: We’ll start each week with a relaxing meditation session where we muse over our intention for the week.
  • Mind Map: On Tuesdays we will make a mind map related to the topic of the week to help get our creative juices flowing and to get our ideas from our brains onto the page.
  • Walk and Think: Walking stimulates thinking so every week we will take a short walk to help break out thoughts out of a rut.
  • Free Write: On Thursday we’ll put things down on paper again with a free-writing session. Don’t worry if you’re not a writer. This isn’t about “writing,” it’s about capturing your thoughts. And it’s just for you.
  • Drink and Daydream: More unstructured thinking, this time with your favorite beverage and music.
  • Week in Review: Need a couple of days off? Now’s the time to take them. Or you can take some extra time on the weekend to organize and flesh out your notes and writing from the week.

The entire course will be available to you for a year after the end of our sessions together.

Don’t feel overwhelmed or like you have to complete every part of each lesson every week, and don’t feel obligated to do all of the homework. Pick and choose what seems like it will be most helpful to you right now, and come back to the other parts when you can.

Have any questions about this course or the content? Email Donna at MentorDonna@sheeptoshawl.com or ask your questions in the discussions to share them with the rest of the course participants. If you have a question, it’s likely that someone else is wondering about the same thing.

Need any technical assistance using this website? Email dom@sheeptoshawl.com.

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