BP17 – Introductions

Introduce Yourself

As you get started, please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know your name, where you’re from, and tell us a little bit about your work. What are your goals for this class? What are your concerns moving through the rest of 2017 and into 2018?

One of the best parts of being in a class is getting to know the other participants and spending time together. I hope that you’ll each make at least one new friend during this course.

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  1. Maria here, just trying to get through 2017 and working up to a productive new year. Success to us all in 2018!

  2. Heather Marano
    Heather Marano says:

    Hi I’m Heather Marano. Sorry I’m late to the party, I’ve been swamped. I live in Northern California with my husband, two sons (10 and 12) and my kitty Raven. I have been knitting, spinning, designing and writing for a few years now and this course always helps me get set for the new year.

  3. Hi! I’m Lisa and I live in Richardson, which is a suburb of Dallas, with my husband, nearly 3 year old son, and our very patient dog. Professionally, I am a civil/structural engineer that is in between jobs. I landed a nice part-time, cushy work-from-home job for about 1.5 years after I had my son but unfortunately that dried up over the summer. I’ve been staying home with my son full time ever since and volunteering with a couple of organizations to keep myself from getting bored and depressed. I have wanted to start my knitting design/yarn dyeing business for years but just never found enough time to devote to it. I’ve got some great ideas but finding time to act on them has always been a struggle. After deciding that I didn’t want to go back to work full time just yet (I’d like to wait until my kiddo is in Kindergarten), I began to think that perhaps I have been given the perfect opportunity to launch my fiber business. So here I am and I’m hoping to get some help with building my audience/clients.

    • Now you have time, so you have no excuse! :-D Seriously though, like others, the dabbling you’ve been doing on the side over the past years will be beneficial to your business building. It’s a transition from a side project to a real full-time business. You have learned a lot about dyeing and even about writing and publishing patterns already, so the rest is building up your audience and growing what you’ve already planted.

  4. Peggy Newfield says:

    Hi – My name is Peggy and I live in Northern Vermont – not too far from Donna. I have a day job working remotely on the computer (although I’m doing a week in NJ right now to start a new gig), but I’m also working with 1 and a half acres to start an herb farm. I’ve been starting now for a number of years! But I’ve made some progress and I’m hoping to use this course to plan some real solid steps for this coming season. Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s ventures!

    • Sounds like a great business, Peggy! This is a good course for getting the first inklings of a business plan pulled together. At the end of the course, I’ll have some info on how to fill in the rest of the details. Looking forward to see what you got done this year and how your planning for REALLY starting next year comes together. Don’t worry that you’ve been starting for a number of years…. that’s OK. You’ve been building a foundation and getting yourself ready for this. All the research and work and, yes, even procrastinating you’ve done will be beneficial to you as you move forward.

  5. Hi! My name is Linda and I live in rural Iowa. I work full time but dream of offering my multi media crafts to the ‘world’ (LOL–ok, to rural Iowa). I need to focus on the business side. Thank you all in advance for the help! L

    • The world can be your world! One thing I learned when I first started visiting Lithuania and went to bookstores there and saw all the beautiful books. You don’t need the whole world (or the whole English-speaking world) to be a success. There are only 4 million Lithuanian speakers in the world and here they are creating gorgeous, high quality books. (Most are nicer than the books you find in the USA, too.) If publishers can do that there, we can succeed by working in our small niches here, too.

  6. Laverne Zabielski says:

    This is Laverne, fiber artist, wearable art designer and writer. I live in Kentucky, grew up in Air Force bases, my kids are grown and I try not to worry about them and let go of thinking I can fix everything.

    • :WAVES HI to Laverne:
      Air Force brat here too!
      I have 3 in college now (commuters) and 1 still at home full time. I hear ya about the worrying aspect…what a world we live in–hard not to?! Life is much happier living it rather than fixing it. (((HUGS)))

  7. Jessica Anderson says:

    LOL, I’m with Rachel, lol, totally a routine girl!
    I live in AZ, with my hubby, my 5 kids, a crazy corgi and 2 cats. I am a knitwear designer, and recently took a contract position as a Creative Director with a yarn company, so I’m trying to regain my balance as I add a new ball to juggle to my mix (as well as trying to evaluate which balls to remove!).
    I released my first book last year, with Donna’s help and it was truly accomplishing a HUGE dream. I’d love to get a book published with a publisher this year (fingers crossed that knitting becomes more popular this year), and I’m also starting to work on my second self-published book.
    I’m hoping that this course helps me find some focus/balance and structure and helps me to formulate a working plan for the coming year.

  8. OOPS I intro’d on the wrong page! HA. I have been through this course a few times before with Donna, but this looks to be a new format. Be patient with me…I am a routine kind of gal.

    My name is Rachel and I am in MN. I am a mom to 4 and wife to 1 hubby and dog mom to a lab. I take care of the elderly in the homes as my day job as well as teach. I am a 1st generation Latvian American and my knitting tends to be of the knitterly kind.

    2018 will bring my 1st foray into the world of publishing! I have a co-author and we are working on a knitterly book of the coloring kind. I am excited, nervous and a bit anxious to get started. I have started projects in the past but they have been shelved because LIFE got in the way. My health has forced me back into my home for RELAXATION and HEALING so why sit around?! Why not write? Again? And design…again?! And dream…AGAIN!!!!

    So happy to be here. :WAVES HI!

    • Oh, your books sounds great! I can’t wait to learn more about it. Let’s make this one happen. Remember, you can get things done even if you only have 15 minutes a day. It’s more about consistency than anything else. I think sometimes we (me included) get so excited about something that we dive in with so much time and energy that we burn ourselves out or our process is not sustainable. And then the project sours. Slow and steady gets the job done!

      • This definitely happened with the Latvian book. I have great bones for that project though and it is still simmering on the back burner. All patterns have been made…again…sitting! :-( Maybe in a different season.

        2018 is more about I CAN rather than I CAN’T for me. I’m finished with borders and limitations. Dreaming is good, but not if it weighs you down with details.

        Love your SLOW AND STEADY approach. Thanks Donna!

        • Remember, it took me over 7 years to do my Lithuania book and most of that time was NOT constant working. It was *work for a little while, let it sit for a longer while; rep from * over and over again.

          It’s not finishing at any given time that is important. It’s putting in the small bits of time working on the project. It keeps moving forward. Eventually it gets finished. Finished can mean a) YOU are finished with it (I have a few books “under the bed” as they say), or b) IT is a finished project that you keep for yourself, or c) IT is a finished project that you share with others.

  9. Hello! My name is Audra and I live in Columbus OH, USA. I am a Creative that currently makes knitted and crocheted winter accessories to sell at craft fairs and on-line. I want to build up my on-line business and I would like to eventually do other things such as make my own knit and crochet patterns for sale. I also do other creative things that I would like to bring into my business.

    I am taking this course because this time of year is always busiest for me and I become very overwhelmed. I work a full time 9 to 5 job and do my Craft business on the side. My 9 to 5 becomes busy because of year end and most of the fairs I attend come in the Autumn of the year.

    I’m also looking to become more focused in my ventures and I would like to increase my sales by a lot.

    • Hi Audra, welcome! So glad to have you here. I’m really looking forward to getting started in this course next week. It’s always my favorite time of the year, getting rejuvenated and then ramped up to start again after the holidays.

    • HI Audra!!! I too work outside of the home (although this year my hours are much less) and balance with a home business for me has always been a struggle. Glad to be working alongside you as we go through this course together! :WAVES HI:

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