How to use this course


How to use this course

This class is organized into weekly Sections, and each section contains several lessons. You’ll receive an email as each new lesson and activity is available. The entire course will be available to you for a year after the end of our sessions together.


You can review and access the content by using the Back to: Craftivism Camp 2018 link at the top of the current lesson.

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You can also proceed through the course using the Previous Lesson and Next Lesson buttons near the bottom of the page.

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Each lesson will have space for you to add comments to participate in discussions. The comment box will be at the bottom of the page.

Please interact with your teachers and fellow students throughout this course. We really learn better when we do it as a group. We’d love to hear your questions and comments and as students in the inaugural camp, your feedback is valuable. What would you like to see more of? What did you enjoy? What could we improve or change?

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