Retreats are hot these days. Usually small events with somewhere between 6 and 50 attendees, these events give knitters a chance to spend more time with teachers and get more individual attention and help than they would in sold-out classes at the big national events like Stitches or Vogue Knitting Live. 

Retreats 1

When I moved to Vermont, I started holding small retreats with a maximum of 12 students. I set everything up with a local B&B and I make a low-key teaching schedule so we have time to hang out, knit, visit local attractions, and have excursions to local farms and yarn shops.

If you don’t want to create your own retreat, you will find that more and more retreats are being organized by small groups these days as well. The event organizers may invite teachers to submit proposals and they may have anywhere from 2 or 3 to a half dozen or more teachers. Here are a few you can check out to learn more about this type of event:

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