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Welcome to Craftivism Camp 2018!Donna's welcome message 2

It’s been over a year since Trump was inaugurated and the GOP has been tearing apart families and tearing down norms in America. And it’s been a year of The Resistance slowing them down as much as we can. All year we’ve been protesting and making pussyhats, resist hats, welcome blankets, and many more projects to stand up for human rights and a world that’s safe and free for everyone.

Now that it’s 2018, it’s time to shift our focus—at least in part—from advocacy to getting out the vote. This is our chance to flip the House and the Senate, and get a majority in government who will work to impeach Trump and Pence and to prosecute everyone who conspired with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.

While that’s the main focus, we’ll each still have our own passions and causes to work for. I’ll be focusing my activism this year on Black Lives Matter and immigration issues. Not because those issues will make my life better or worse on a daily level, but because I want to live in a country and world where all people truly are treated as equals.

You may choose to focus on issues such as women’s rights, the environment, universal healthcare, gun control, protecting Social Security and Medicare, freedom of the press, or something else. There’s so much to work on, we have to divide and conquer. Although we are all in this together, and we are stronger together, we can get help each other while at the same time finding our own focus for in-depth activism.

In this course, we’re going to dive into some fun and meaningful knitting projects and learn about other ways to use knitting to create change in our world, whatever our focus is. We’ll also look back into the history of crafts used for activism, and look forward to how we can continue to make a better world for the future.

Are you ready to resist in 2018?

We are stronger together,



  1. I meant “subscription.”

  2. An online source for information about the 2018 Congressional elections:

    “United States Congress elections, 2018”,_2018

    Who they are:

    “Ballotpedia: About”

    They also offer a free weekly update by prescription:

  3. I’m excited to be a part of this as I’ve been an activitist and knitter ( perpetual beginner) most of my life. Living in JUNEAU, AK for the last 30 years, we are physically isolated, but very involved politically both locally and nationally. I’m slmost finished with the BLUE WAVE HAT and hope to learn how to “ carry my yarn,” when doing color work. Also trying to make travel plans to attend either the March 24 th or 24 th March in Wasjington.,

    • Hi Amy, welcome. We’ll be looking at two different colorwork techniques. I can help you with how you knit personally too, if you have specific questions. Great that you’re planning to go to the March 24th Washington event. I’ll be posting some ideas for headbands to wear to that this week, too. I’m still working on developing the ideas. I think headbands because spring is coming, but the headband patterns will be easily worked into the Blue Wave 2018 hat pattern by just replacing the chart, too.

  4. Hi everyone, are you ready to resist!? There’s always something new, isn’t there? With the school shooting in Florida last week, Heather and I are working on a bonus lesson and pattern for a headband with messages to wear at the school walk outs and protests being planned in March and April. We’ll post more about that as soon as we get the info together.

    • Thank you for being so ready with a contribution to the response to the latest (how horrible to have to say that) school shooting. I tell my students that in order to succeed, all you have to do is get up one more time than you fall (metaphorically speaking). So when there is yet another injustice or terrible event, we have to “get up”, one more time.

  5. I am happy to be a part of this class. I am very outspoken on FB about the politics happening now. I knitted your ‘Resist’ hat last year and have worn it often. I wore it on January 20th in the women’s march here. We made it onto a national video…our little town…lol. I saw myself in that hat. No one else can read it, but I KNOW. This is a great way to participate in history.
    I tried to post a photo, but couldn’t.

    • So glad you’re here, Maxine! I think we got the photo thing fixed but sorry it didn’t work for you. It’s an experimental feature but since this is a knitting class, I think we need to be able to share photos, don’t you?

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