BP17 – Welcome to the course

Hi! Welcome to the best year end you’ve ever had. I love this little ritual that I’ve developed over the years and I hope you will too. Every week, we are going to think, doodle, walk, write, drink, daydream, and work on a plan for having an even better year next year.

BP17 - Welcome to the course 1
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After this introduction lesson, the first lesson is all about reviewing what we did last year. If you took this course in the past, you’ll find that this is similar to what we did in previous years. But after the first week of the course, things will take a different path. Every year for me is a little bit different than previous years, and I need this time as one year wraps up to identify and claim my new focus for the next year. For 2016, I added a special focus on activism and I’ll be continuing to include that in this year’s course because Dom and I actually worked out our business plan early this year and I’ll be working on my activism plan as we go through the course together.

Before we dive, this week I want to go through some basic activities and get comfortable in our classroom, introduce ourselves, and have some discussions. On December 4th the meaty stuff begins.


  1. Laverne Zabielski says:

    Hi, I’m Laverne. I live in the in Kentucky. I am in the process of transitioning to a little house in Lexington. My biggest challenge for 2018 will be there at my studio will no longer be in my home. I dye fabric, mostly silk, felt merino and alpaca, and make wearable art. I raised five children and I am learning to not worry about them.

  2. Jessica Anderson says:

    Hi! I’m Jessica, and I LOVE working through this course every year. It really helps me set out a plan for the coming year, and a calm, focused ritual during what can become a stressful time.
    I have 5 kiddos (12, 11, 8, 6, 3), I homeschool the three youngest, and try to keep some sort of balance between work/family/life. I released my first book last year with Donna’s help and looking forward to working on the next.
    I recently started working my DREAM job with an amazing yarn company, and am looking forward to all the exciting things to come next year!

  3. Hi! My name is Rachel and I have been through this course a few times already with Donna. I always like a new perspective to start the new year out RIGHT.

    I am a mom of 4 wife of 1 :-) and dog mommy to a lab. I am a 1st generation Latvian living in the USA and my knitting tends to be of the colorful kind. Yarn snob. Newbie spinner. Old people caregiver. Teacher. Sometimes I run with scissors.

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