AR – Steps to Designing a Rug

Steps to Designing a Rug

The steps for designing your own rug mirror what we’ve done in the class so far working from the patterns:

1) Choose a color scheme for your rug. This can be “hit and miss” (just whatever, using up stash yarn or cut up old t-shirts) or something planned where you buy yarn or fabric in the specific colors you want for your design.

2) Choose your yarn and needles.

3) Choose a center for your rug. This may be one that we’ve seen in the patterns or a variety of different ones. I have four included here for you and in the final bonus pattern, I will have the Star Rug for you.

4) Decide if you want to do slip stitch-edges on your strips.

5) Make some swatches to test out yarn and needles, gauge, fabric texture, and any techniques you need to practice.

6) Make the rug center.

7) Make the strips and assemble the rug as you go to make sure everything fits together.

8) Block your rug and enjoy!