AP – Intro


A message from Donna:

AP - Intro 1My second book, Arctic Lace, was published on October 1, 2006. By the publication date, it was already in its third printing. Arctic Lace was on Amazon best seller lists for knitting and general crafts. At that time, no printed reviews had appeared and most of my physical marketing activities were scheduled for future dates. My marketing plan included extensive online activities. These activities generated early interest in the book and drove initial sales beyond the expectations of my publisher and distributors. Besides the basic cost of a website (less than $100 a year), none of the activities we will learn about in this course cost any money.

More recently, I’ve been self publishing a series of books called Stories In Stitches and a hardcover book called Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions. The Stories In Stitches series was self funded by a small initial investment that my co-author, Ava Coleman, and I made and since then it’s been making a profit. I funded the Lithuanian book with a crowdfunding campaign, and books have been selling steadily since the launch.

You can have these same successes if you work smart and build a platform an audience. Together we will put a foundation in place for you to do just that. This week, get settled here in the classroom and get all of your materials and tools ready and next week we will dive in together and get started with the meat of the course.