AP – How this course works

How this Course Works

This class is organized into weekly Lessons. You can review and access all of the content through the Lessons link in the top right corner. Each week another lesson will be available and you’ll get an email when the week’s lesson is published to the classroom. You’ll only be able to access the current and past lessons at any specific date. Although you can go at your own pace, I don’t want you to jump ahead too far!

Inside each weekly lesson you will find various activities with discussion prompts, such as the one below. If you’d like to discuss the content, share your ideas or ask question in the box at the bottom of the page.

The entire course will be available to you for a year after the end of our sessions together.

Feel free to jump around and click into different content. Move at your own pace and work on what interests you.

As you finish activities in this course, use the “Complete this activity” button in the top right corner to mark your progress.

Don’t feel overwhelmed or like you have to complete every part of each lesson every week, and don’t feel obligated to do all of the homework. Pick and choose what seems like it will be most helpful to you right now, and come back to the other parts when you can.

Have any questions about this course or the content? Email Donna at donna@sheeptoshawl.com or ask your questions in the discussions below to share them with the rest of the course participants. If you have a question, it’s likely that someone else is wondering about the same thing!

Need any technical assistance using this website? Email dom@sheeptoshawl.com

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