Last research rush

Since I am 100% committed to finish my book on Lithuania next month, I’m on a last research rush. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found a lot of fascinating info about the influence of Lithuanian patterns on Fair Isle knitting, the possibility of knitted socks from the 16th and 17th centuries, a lot of new (old) wonderful colorwork patterns, and more.

I broke down and ordered some books on eBay that I told myself were too expensive in the past. I found a book on ancient Lithuanian clothing and jewelry on a Russian site where each page was scanned individually and I saved a copy of the pictures and the English-language summary. I’ve been searching on google and I’ve found really great info by drilling down to the 13th and 14th pages on each search. (Yes, research’s middle name is perseverance.) I’m re-reading books and documents I’ve downloaded and pages I saved in Instapaper last year.

Here’s an interesting book that I found today. It has a section on naalbinding in the Baltics. It’s specifically about Estonia, which does have more Nordic influences than the southern countries of Latvia and Lithuania, but the three still share quite a bit of commonality in folk art, especially textiles and knitting.

There’s so much, I just hope I can get it all organized so I don’t forget to put any of the most fascinating tidbits in the book!


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